By 2025 make the Indian MOOC an institution of choice for Learners locally and globally.


Man: Create a pool of education technologists, evangelists and hobbyists to make available, educate and propagate the Indian MOOC.

Machine: Provision of state of the art infrastructure and services through federated shared service set-ups that support and promote MOOC participants- teachers and students alike.

Material: Quality assured digital content creation with language translations for courses to enhance reach to all regions of the nation.

Money : Provision of committed finances to the upkeep and development of the platform from 2015-2020, with view of becoming self-sustaining entity

Method: Policy that helps provision and recognise MOOC course credits and transfer of credits. An entity/governance structure (NLC?) that brings university- industry closer and creates a brand for Indian MOOC for global recognition.The entity is accountable for delivering the Vision and Mission through a portfolio of programs and projects.