• By 2020, MOOC shall significantly impact (directly or indirectly) the higher education space , shall penetrate 100% of higher- ed institutions and will touch close to 30 -40% of the higher- ed learners.
  • By 2030, MOOC shall penetrate all learners across schools, higher-ed, vocational, corporate and at home to become the prime learning/education-delivery vehicle.


  • Based on detailed educational data mining and learning analytics build deeper understanding about Indian learners (incl. learning behaviour, learner types etc.) and teaching style (effective pedagogy, engaging delivery)
  • Solve average learners’ learning motivation problem – move learning from current supply based model to completely demand oriented model
  • Translate in depth learner – learning understanding to make education delivery truly personalized
  • Give India a truly quality focused – scalable educational model with active partnership of all stakeholders – learners, parents, teachers, administrators – institutions (private as well as govt.), Industry associations and Govt. (state and central)