25 janvier 2014

NordicOER - Creating a Network for Sharing Open Educational Resources in the Nordic Countries

Nordic OER is a Nordic network to promote open education and collaboration amongst stakeholders in all educational sectors. The network has members from all Nordic countries and facilitates discourse and dialogue on Open Education but also participates in projects and development programs. The network is supported by the Nordic OER project co-funded by Nordplus. Website. More...

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Surge of new MOOCs worldwide in January 2014

Open Education Europa recently updated the European MOOCs Scoreboard for January 2014, documenting a 19% global growth in the total number of MOOCs.
A new semester is starting for most universities in Europe, and even though the internet is less bound by the norms of space and time, it seems that January is a popular time for online courses to start as well. The global count of MOOCs grew by 19% this month, compared to 3% in December. More...

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EUA's research project, TRENDS 2015, will analyse developments in European Higher Education

The European University Association (EUA) launches its 7th TRENDS project, part of its flagship series of research analysis of developments in European higher education. TRENDS 2015 will focus on how the Bologna Process and other recent policy changes have contributed to fostering new forms of learning and teaching. Previous TRENDS reports. More...

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Education and Training Monitor highlights impact of budget cuts and skills mismatch

The 2013 Education and Training Monitor provides information on the progress of EU member states on specific indicators relating to education and work. It allows for comparison between countries and highlights the effects of policy efforts. More...

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Policy for Educator Evidence in Portfolios

The PEEP Project is an ongoing programme which aims to provide a policy on how electronic portfolios can best be used by European educators for recording their professional development. In the modern world demands on educators are shifting. In order to complete with the best in the world Europe's educators need to take part in life-long learning, constantly improving their knowledge and skills. Project website. More...

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Skill MAtching for Regional developmenT

SMART Project’s (Supporting dynamic MAtching for Regional developmenT) main goal is to create a model to identify the real training needs in different professional sectors, and to adapt the existing training offer to that identified needs, improving the employability of the users of that tools, using online personalized training paths. Project website. More...

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The Open Education Challenge seeks 10 education startups to support and fund

The Open Education Challenge was launched on 22 January 2014 at BETT 2014. The Challenge invites innovators in education to submit their idea for a chance to get seed funding, support and coaching to launch a startup.
The Open Education Challenge launches today, opening up a new opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators in the field of education. The Challenge will identify 10 promising ideas to participate in the first ever European Incubator for Innovation in Education. More...

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Network for the Enhancement of Digital Competence Skills

DigiSkills aims to bring together and further develop content, services, pedagogies and practices for lifelong learning in school/university/adult population, formulating specific scenarios of use of learning tools and platforms which will be tested with real users from eight countries and evaluated in terms of their impact, with a particular attention to institutional as well as pedagogical innovation and change. More...

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A look ahead at the eLearning Papers topics of 2014

Tapio Koskinen, Director of the Editorial Board of eLearning Papers, has announced the research topics that will be covered by the online journal in the coming year. 
“We just completed a very successful year for eLearning Papers. We have very big audiences; some of the articles had close to 150.000 hits,” said Koskinen.
eLearning Papers is an online journal that enables the timely exchange of information on open education, open educational resources (OER), and ICT in education in Europe. More...

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The FUN starts in France with a new batch of MOOCs

France Université Numérique (FUN), a new platform for massive open online courses (MOOCs), has kicked off its first courses, with more to come in the next few weeks.
FUN offers 28 courses in eight different fields such as health, management, and digital technologies.  Over 100.000 users have registered to the website, and 50% of them logged in on the first day of class.
The first eight courses started last week, and another five courses will start on January 27:

Comment choisir ses cours en ligne ? por lemondefr. More...

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