The In Focus section of the magazine IAU Horizons (Vol. 19 No.3) includes 10 papers focusing on the theme: Student Tuition Fees – perspectives from around the world.
From analysis to Action, by Gilles Breton, Graduate School of International and Public Affairs, University of Ottawa, Canada ( 
In the midst of all the deliberations currently ranting in the world of higher education, from the financing, privatization, marketing and commercialization of universities, to the latest emphasis being placed on academic research in the new economy of knowledge, via the impact of new technologies on teaching activities, I still believe that the internationalization of higher education constitutes one of the central element of these deliberations, which all correlate to a redefinition of the mission of universities in this beginning of the 21st century. Similarly, I am always convinced that the concept of reflexive-actor, (i.e. a player that mobilizes knowledge to structure his/her/its action) is still what best defines the work of those in charge of international action in higher education institutions.
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