the Conference  
Open education has become more than a global trend. Open education approaches and practices are adopted in virtually all areas of education. Besides open universities that have been offering open education courses, a fast growing number of conventional institutions have become involved in open education in an increasing number of aspects. Modes of learning and teaching are becoming more flexible in terms of time, space, curriculum contents and organisation, pedagogical methods, infrastructure, and requirements. This conference aims to:
1.     provide a platform for sharing research, practices and views relevant to open and flexible education using the latest technologies and innovations;
2.     facilitate networking and cross-institutional collaboration among researchers and educators in the field; and
3.     promote open and flexible education to enhance educational access and quality.
Conference theme
The theme for the Inaugural International Conference on Open and Flexible Education is ‘Making Learning Open and Flexible: Emerging Modes and Approaches’. It will focus primarily on exploring which of the latest technologies and innovations can facilitate the further development of open learning towards a more flexible and personalized mode of education catering for the diverse needs of different learning communities and how these technologies can do so. More...