The Open Access Repository (OAR) is a new collection of over 300 books, reports, and articles freely available online. It was launched by UNESCO under a new open licensing system developed by Creative Commons. 
The OAR currently contains numerous research materials including key reports and publications from UNESCO. The repository includes materials in 12 different languages, and it will continue to grow as the organization adds more past publications. All new UNESCO publicatons will from now on be released under the new open licenses and added to the repository. UNESCO is the first UN agency to adopt an open access policy for its works.
The new licensing system used for the OAR was developed by the Creative Commons in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization and the UN. It is specifically developed for intergovernmentalorganizations. The creation of the OAR and the use of open licensing will contribute to the goal making more knowledge available and accessible to people all over the world.
Website: UNESCO Open Acess Publications.