08 décembre 2013

Reversing the Selfie

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/lingua-franca-nameplate.pngBy Allan Metcalf. Today I can offer a twofer—my first sighting of a new word, and the opportunity to do good deeds that arises from it. The new word is narcissism undone, “un” done if you will. Take the “selfie,” the photo you make of yourself and blatantly upload to Twitter or Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram or whatever. It’s the epitome of cute selfishness that supposedly characterizes the millennial generation. But then put “un” in front of it, and behold, you have the “unselfie,” or, with a hashtag, the “#unselfie.”A colleague referred me to “What if our selfies were unselfish?” a November 14 post on LinkedIn by Nicolas Bordas. Read more...
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