08 décembre 2013

Say, ‘What’?

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/linguafranca-45.pngBy Lucy Ferriss. Punctuating dialogue, for reasons I fail to understand completely, is one of the hardest things for my fiction-writing students to master. Autocorrect inserts a capital after any form of so-called terminal punctuation, so “Are you going out?” he asked becomes “Are you going out?” He asked. Certain that the verb accompanying the speaker’s name is the dialogue tag, many students write, She laughed, “That’s a funny joke.” Master classes on the rules, the craft, and the art of punctuating dialogue make some impression, but deeply confused students often default to abjuring any sort of punctuation: “I think I’ll go out” he said “after I’ve done the laundry.” More...

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