01 décembre 2013

'In six months I’ll have a degree, but was it worth it?'

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoQTWRsBvjCbs_LMFsFghL7rCYnNTmB1LkWqkyra9lZrNRU1SQGVddb74By Eleanor Doughty. Figures show that graduates now earn 12 per cent less than those who left uni before the financial crisis, so what will my degree be worth, asks Eleanor Doughty. 
In 2008, when the stock market imploded, I was optimistically advised that ‘by the time you graduate, it’ll all be over.’ Two years later and applying to university, I thought I might escape the crisis; that the charmed class of 2013 would somehow be pardoned. 
David Ellis asked yesterday if sixth formers were sold the idea that a graduation certificate was a shelter from unemployment.
We were, thanks to a government pushing higher education for all. And in 2009, people thought it would be over soon. Turns out we were all wrong. More...

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