23 novembre 2013

Mise à jour de deux fiches techniques sur la création d'entreprise

Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes)L'ARFTLV vient de procéder à la mise à jour de la fiche technique sur le dispositif NACRE (Nouvel accompagnement pour la création et la reprise d'entreprises) : G 2.2
Concernant l'Aide aux chômeurs créateurs ou repreneurs d'entreprise (ACCRE : fiche G 2.0 ), les titulaires d'un contrat d'appui au projet d'entreprise (Cape) ont été ajoutés dans la liste des bénéficiaires, sous condition.

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Sommet franco-italien : renforcer la coopération scientifique et universitaire

Lors du 31e sommet franco-italien qui s'est tenu mercredi 20 novembre, Geneviève Fioraso et son homologue italienne ont réaffirmé leur volonté de renforcer leur coopération en matière d'enseignement supérieur, de recherche et de renforcement de l'Europe spatiale. 
Geneviève Fioraso a participé au 31e sommet franco-italien, ce mercredi 20 novembre, à Rome. A cette occasion, Geneviève Fioraso a rencontré son homologue italienne Madame Carrozza, ministre de l’Instruction, de l’université et de la Recherche. Placée dans la perspective de la présidence italienne de l'Union européenne au deuxième semestre 2014, cette rencontre a été l’occasion d’évoquer notamment les thèmes suivants. Suite...

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Université Versailles-Saint-Quentin : une situation préoccupante

Le rapport d'observations provisoires de la Cour des comptes ainsi que l'audit indépendant réalisé à la demande de la ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche en juin 2013 sont très sévères pour l'université et ses gestionnaires.
La situation de l'université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin (U.V.S.Q.) est tout à fait préoccupante. Le rapport d'observations provisoires de la Cour des comptes ainsi que l'audit indépendant réalisé à la demande de Geneviève Fioraso en juin 2013, juste après la publication d'un compte financier 2012 très déficitaire pour l'U.V.S.Q., sont très sévères pour l'université et ses gestionnaires. Ils insistent sur les erreurs de prévision et de gestion qui ont conduit à cette situation. Suite...

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Survey suggests MOOCs are failing to educate the poor

SciDevBy Nick Kennedy. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) may not be reaching the poor, but instead be catering to the rich and well-educated in developing nations, research shows. 
A global survey of almost 35,000 MOOC students engaged in courses of the online education service Coursera found that the majority were already well-educated and employed, and mostly males. 
The survey’s results, published today in a letter to Nature, suggests that MOOCs reinforce the advantages of the rich rather than educating those who most need access to free education. More...

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Facebook Open Academy: Bringing open source to CS curricula

Open source is a huge part of Facebook engineering. Whether we're building new data infrastructure tools like Corona and Presto to manage our warehouses on Hadoop, releasing a new mobile build tool like Buck, or improving PHP runtime with HHVM, open source projects are integral to our operations.  
We also believe that contributing to open source projects is one of the best ways a student can prepare for a job in the industry. Software development as a profession has many features that are distinct from computer science as an academic subject. Projects are often larger than the people who participate in them; project management and interpersonal relationships can have as much impact on software design as technical issues; and systems are ultimately evaluated by user satisfaction rather than technical merit. More...

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How Jordan’s Queen plans to ‘democratize access’ to education

By Christina Farr. Most of the new online education providers are based in the United States, but over two-thirds of students live abroad — in places like Rwanda, El Salvador, and Jordan. 
This trend makes sense, given that the goal of massive open online courses (MOOC) providers is to bring learning opportunities to anyone with an Internet connection. In emerging nations, many young people can’t attend school or afford higher education, so the MOOCs provide a potential lifeline. More...

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White Paper: Open Educational Resources

The Hewlett Foundation’s Education Program is committed to openness and transparency in its grantmaking. Recently, the Program revisited its Open Educational Resources (OER) strategy in an effort to better understand how its philanthropic investments—within the context of the larger funding landscape—can help integrate OER into mainstream education. We conducted dozens of expert interviews and commissioned new research and analysis. The result of our research is this white paper, which presents a roadmap for transforming teaching and learning by shifting OER from a small-scale movement to standard education practice.

Read the full White Paper here >>

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Understanding the Building Blocks of Online Learning

HomeFor almost 50 years, Tony Bates has been a consistent, persistent and influential voice for the reform of teaching and learning in post-secondary education, notably through the effective use of emerging technologies. Author of 11 books and 350 research papers in the field of online learning and distance education, Tony Bates is also an advisor to over 40 organizations in 25 countries, and publisher of what is arguably the most influential blog on online learning with over 20,000 visits a month.  A Contact North | Contact Nord Research Associate, Dr. Bates has helped educators, academic administrators and policy makers grasp key concepts, trends and challenges in online learning. This posting is one of a series that looks at Tony’s perspectives and advice on key issues in online learning. 
This series was researched and developed by Contact North | Contact Nord Research Associates, Dr. Jane Brindley and Dr. Ross Paul.    
Adapting technology for effective learning is the mantra for Tony’s entire career – technology for accessibility, for flexible response to diverse needs, for improved quality and cost control, and for institutional accountability. More...

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The MOOC Backlash -- A Response

educationBy Jonathan Haber. Some demanding Senior Year classes, coupled with a senior thesis I assigned myself, have kept me from posting here recently. But having started my Degree of Freedom One Year BA project in order to provide a student perspective to MOOC boosters ready to assault the walls of academia with little understanding of how well massive online courses were actually working, it's time to provide that same perspective to anti-MOOC zealots who have become a doppelganger of the under-informed MOOC champions they routinely decry. More...

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Most MOOC Users Well-Educated, Study Finds

By Geoffrey A. Fowler.   College-level courses distributed free online have much more to do before they achieve their proponents' hopes of eliminating economic, geographic, racial and gender barriers to higher education, according to a University of Pennsylvania study published Wednesday. 
The university surveyed nearly 35,000 students from more than 200 countries and territories who participated in the 32 massive open online courses, or MOOCs, it distributes through Coursera, the largest provider of the free courses. Researchers found that most... More...

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