16 novembre 2013

Rapid Skill Acquisition: The First 20 Hours

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/Screen%20Shot%202011-12-12%20at%2012.29.48%20PM.png?itok=ITDqfJNPBy Ashley Sanders. "Skill is the result of deliberate, consistent practice. And in early stage practice, quantity and speed trump absolute quality. The faster and more often you practice the more rapidly you'll acquire the skill." (Kaufman, Chapter 2) 
As a grad student, it is incredibly difficult to learn how to perform new skills at the level necessary for academic work.  And yet, we're expected to do so, whether it’s learning a foreign language, technical equipment, digital skills, or research methodologies. What’s more, if there’s something we want to learn just for the fun of it or for our health (yoga or meditation, for example), forget about it! We often feel our schedules couldn’t possibly accommodate it. Josh Kaufman's book, The First 20 Hours, offers a solution: rapid skill acquisition (RSA).  Kaufman defines 10 principles of RSA, walks the reader through each one, and offers tips and suggestions from his own experience. Read more...

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