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Our Mission & Values

To help the higher education sector, in Canada and around the world, glimpse the future and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead with solid data, collaborative insight, and good humour.
We honour intelligence and creativity, and value clarity, logic and measurement as a solid foundation for strategic thinking. We respect the work of researchers, artists, teachers, and students.
Our consulting is collaborative, politically neutral and culturally sensitive, and our recommendations are strategic and evidence-based. Our research is conducted honestly and without preconceptions.
We’re education-sector specialists, colleagues and peers with our clients, sharing information in collaborative dialogue and maintaining client confidentiality at all times.
We take pride in the quality of our organization and our work, and we value excellence, originality, accuracy, consistency, and attention to detail.
We stay abreast of ever-changing youth culture, emerging communication technologies, design trends and campus news, and consider its relevance to our work and our clients.
We bring creativity and innovation to our work in many forms – qualitative insights, strategic thinking, new media and tactics, original language and design approaches. We value creativity that is focused, serving a strategic purpose, data-driven, and continuously improved based on results.
We provide actionable and effective solutions to our clients, and promote lasting change in their organizations by freely sharing useful information, tools and techniques.