09 novembre 2013

Invest in Researchers Conference 2013

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDL-Bxz-iswsITiqg2GepFioSBaLaxRPL-QKKP2aL7LMGRnpgYMp-fHG8The Invest in Research international conferece will look closely into the problems of European human resources in research (with a special focus on young researchers) and successful responses from the Member States. Specifically, we intend to hold a forum to discuss the measures enhancing attractiveness of becoming and being a researcher in Europe.
What makes Europe an appealing place to do research? What draws people to research jobs? This conference will look at several factors, including (i) accessibility of proper doctoral training, (ii) availability of professional development schemes for researchers, (iii) the means for equating the remuneration for researchers’ work, and (iv) infrastructures supporting seamless work in research.
Address Gedimino Ave. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Website Invest in Research 2013.

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