19 and 20 September 2013, the Magna Charta Observatory convened its Annual Conference in Bologna, Italy, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum. The conference, entitled "Universities, Students and Societies - Connecting Academic Freedom and Creative Cities", brought together participants from around the world, including the President of EUA, Prof. Maria Helena Nazaré, and Prof. Stefano Paleari, EUA board member.
To see the presentations from the event, a video of the Ceremony with the keynote speech by Umberto Eco, or hear the audio of the Conference, please visit the Observatory website.
The Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values and Rights is a non-profit organisation based in Bologna, founded by the University of Bologna and EUA. The Magna Charta Observatory aims to gather information, express opinions and prepare documents relating to the respect for, and protection of, the fundamental university values and rights laid down in the Magna Charta Universitatum signed in Bologna in 1988 by 388 Rectors of worldwide main universities. To date, the Magna Charta has been signed by some 776 university leaders from all over the world.