21 octobre 2013

«Avis d’opportunité» pour les écoles d’ingénieurs : que veut vraiment le ministère ?

http://www.headway-advisory.com/blog/wp-content/themes/headway/images/logo.jpgBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. En écrivant le 19 septembre aux écoles d’ingénieurs qu’elles devaient recueillir un «avis d’opportunité préalable» au dépôt de tout dossier, la Dgesip (direction générale pour l’enseignement supérieur et l’insertion professionnelle) est en train de provoquer une levée de boucliers dans les écoles à laquelle s’associent cette semaine la CGE et la Cdefi. Rien d’étonnant quand on lit que cet avis devra permettre de «s’assurer notamment que le nouveau cursus s’inscrit dans la stratégie globale de l’établissement et est organisé en complémentarité avec ses autres formations déjà existantes». De plus, l’école «devra démontrer que le projet est conforme aux potentialités du vivier de recrutement». Suite...

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L’ESTP fière de l’intégration professionnelle de ses diplômés

http://www.headway-advisory.com/blog/wp-content/themes/headway/images/logo.jpgBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. Plus importante école d’ingénieurs française de par ses effectifs derrière Arts et Métiers ParisTech avec quelques 700 diplômés chaque année, l’ESTP a vu le taux d’activité des diplômés de sa dernière promotion augmenter de 6% en un an : au premier trimestre 2013, 76% ont un emploi contre 70% l’an dernier. La poursuite d’études est également en hausse à 21%. Seulement 2% des diplômés 2012 étaient eux en recherche d’emploi. «Dans un contexte française déprimé la qualité du travail des entreprises française du BTP reste reconnue dans le monde entier et assure une bonne insertion professionnelle à nos diplômés», se réjouit Florence Darmon, la directrice générale de l’ESTP. Suite...

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What to research? Seamless learning or self-directed learning in MOOC?

https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/1607332342/Ignatia_Inge_de_Waard_small_bigger.jpgBy . There is a bit of a fork in the road with my PhD research. I can feel it. As data from my pilot study is seeping in, my head seems to want to tell me something, but the thoughts have not crystallized into conscious ideas yet.
So yesterday I took my doubts to the public, that is to say: I proposed it to my colleagues and that already twisted my mind towards some new ideas (and I put some of the remarks they shared into the powerpoint below). But now I would like to hear your views as well. What would you research if you were me? In order to provide some background, slides were shared. More...

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MOOC Providers Take Flight in Britain and Germany: Introducing Future Learn and Iversity

http://cdn.openculture.com/wp-content/themes/openculture_v2f/images/openculture_banner.pngThey may be a little late to the MOOC party, but two newly-launched European open course platforms might still be able to carve out a niche.
Coursera and edX, the two main players in the US at this point, have been up and running for almost 18 months. And although both ventures have a long list of international partners, the rising cost of higher education is building interest in MOOCs in Europe and the UK. The founders of new European platforms  – Future Learn in the UK, and iversity in Germany — are betting they can still make headway in an increasingly crowded market. More...

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Moodle MOOC 2: Habits of Effective Connected Learners

http://wqimg.s3.amazonaws.com/ut/ult/Integrating-Technology-4-Active-Lifelong-Learning-426515.jpgHabits of Effective Connected Learners by Stephen Downes
Working and learning in an online environment is fundamentally different from working and learning in a physical environment. It becomes much more important to make connections and leverage the store of knowledge at your disposal. Relations between people depend more on cooperation and less on collaboration. Information that was valuable only when withheld is now valuable only when shared. Marketing gives way to meaning. In this presentation, Stephen Downes reviews the habits he has cultivated to thrive as a learner and researcher online, providing practical advice from network theory and a lifetime of experience.
Stephen Downes works for the National Research Council of Canada where he has served as a Senior Researcher, based in Moncton, New Brunswick, since 2001. Affiliated with the Learning and Collaborative Technologies Group, Institute for Information Technology, Downes specializes in the fields of online learning, new media, pedagogy and philosophy.
Downes is perhaps best known for his daily newsletter, OLDaily, which is distributed by web, email and RSS to thousands of subscribers around the world, and as the originator of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). He is a popular speaker, appearing at hundreds of events around the world over the last fifteen years. He has published hundreds of articles both online and in print through two decades of research and development into learning networks and related technologies. More...

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Students lacking 'real life' experience, warns Willetts

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoQTWRsBvjCbs_LMFsFghL7rCYnNTmB1LkWqkyra9lZrNRU1SQGVddb74By . Many students are ill-prepared for the world of work because degrees such as science and engineering are being “delivered on paper” without real life experience, the Universities Minister has warned.
Courses in practical subjects are often too theoretical and appear to have “lost touch with the reality of modern business”, according to David Willetts.
In an interview with the Telegraph, he outlined radical plans designed to raise standards in core disciplines such as science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) that are seen as vital to the economic recovery. More...

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Warning over sharp drop in number of part-time students

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoQTWRsBvjCbs_LMFsFghL7rCYnNTmB1LkWqkyra9lZrNRU1SQGVddb74By . The number of students taking part-time courses at British universities has plummeted by a more than 100,000 in just two years, according to research.
Figures show a 40 per cent drop in candidates studying while holding down a job or balancing family commitments, it emerged.
The study by Universities UK, the vice-chancellors’ group, warned that students were being driven away from part-time courses because of a "perfect storm" of pressure on household budgets during the financial crisis combined with a rise in tuition fees. More...

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19000ème article sur le blog / Student life: the benefits of studying outside London

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoQTWRsBvjCbs_LMFsFghL7rCYnNTmB1LkWqkyra9lZrNRU1SQGVddb74By Billy Sexton. Studying in London isn’t the be all and end all of student life. There are just as many benefits to studying in a smaller city, says undergraduate Billy Sexton.
London – the financial centre of the UK and the desired destination for many university graduates who care little for steep rent and commuting costs.
A move to the capital will undoubtedly cross the minds of most students while they’re studying at university, which is hardly surprising given that London has the highest proportion of graduate recruitment vacancies at 42.4% of the job market, according to the Association of Graduate Recruiters. More...
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Universities 'cutting entry requirements' for poor students

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSoQTWRsBvjCbs_LMFsFghL7rCYnNTmB1LkWqkyra9lZrNRU1SQGVddb74By . Top universities are secretly admitting poor students with lower entry grades amid growing political pressure to boost access to higher education, a report has suggested.
Rising numbers of institutions are cutting entry requirements at the last minute to allow students who “miss their target grades” to get a place, it emerged.
Researchers found that only a minority of universities make lower “upfront” offers to teenagers from deprived backgrounds in advance, instead choosing to “reassess” these students if they fall short of entry grades after A-level results are published. More...

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How can universities support students to work harder?

Times Higher EducationBy Edward Acton. A new generation of ‘dual-intensive’ universities can do the job, argues Edward Acton. How many people actually work at the Bank of England?” went the question when I was a trainee there in the 1970s, the answer being: “About half.” That jibe has often run through my mind as evidence has mounted of a sharp decline in the academic effort required of UK undergraduates. Read more...

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