3rd call for applications to join the European Master's in Translation network is now open. Universities may apply if they run programmes that comply with EMT quality standards. Already a member? Then you must re-apply with a complete file to renew your membership — selection cannot be guaranteed.

  • deadline for applications: 16 December 2013
  • we will inform you of the outcome by 2 June 2014

EMT membership (or observer status) will take effect on the day of publication, lasting five years. We will monitor memberships and organise a mid-term review. The EMT Board will deal with potential cases of doubt about continued membership.

Apply now

Please read thoroughly:

Please complete and send:

Please make sure you duly complete all required information, fill in the documents mentioned in the guide for applicants and attach all relevant annexes.

For details of where to send your application and what documents to include, see the guide for applicants.

If you have any question about EMT or the application procedure please contact us:

More about the evaluation procedure: see the assessment formpdf(160 Kb) Choose translations of the previous link  and guide for assessorspdf(267 Kb) Choose translations of the previous link  .

Why join?

By joining and contributing, your institution will benefit from a partnership with DG Translation and from the collective efforts of the network to achieve the following objectives:

  • enhance the status of translation as a profession
  • promote a quality label of qualifications
  • raise the profile of your programme
  • help those managing programmes to develop the right competences by:
    • strengthening programmes
    • re-assessing training methods
    • sharing competences and resources
    • negotiating with partner associations, institutions, and technical and commercial organisations as a network
    • building up cooperation links
    • taking part in an ongoing EMT forum on competences, criteria, resources, methods and requirements.


You can apply if your programme:

  • is already in place in (and authorised by) an EU country
  • is an authorised programme run by a university in certain non-EU countries (prospective new member countries, countries taking part in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) or the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland and Russia). Programmes from these countries will be granted observer status.

Selection criteria

We also assess your programme against a number of other criteria – relevant to EMT standardspdf(45 Kb) Choose translations of the previous link  and the EMT strategypdf(36 Kb) Choose translations of the previous link  :

  • structure of the programme — objectives, credits and expected learning outcomes of the courses given
  • coverage of EMT competences

EMT competences

  • human resources — number of teaching staff and their qualifications
  • infrastructure assigned to the programme, e.g. premises, IT equipment, CAT-tools
  • career support & monitoring — including career guidance for students, internships, tracking of careers after graduation and employment statistics

Additional assets

We particularly welcome applications from programmes that demonstrate the following attributes — though these are not taken into account in the selection decision:

  • cooperation with higher education institutions at an international level or participation in national networks
  • effective quality assurance system
  • active in research