28 septembre 2013

Job Market Embraces Massive Online Courses

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR2Rz7-bgqLhktXPv1Q1hUr_B_ZvsnCOpOB1RKuFi2IEMoBfyzg4uo-zwBy Douglas Belkin and Caroline Porter. Seeking Better-Trained Workers, AT&T, Google and Other Firms Help Design and Even Fund Web-Based College Classes. Big employers such as AT&T and Google are helping to design and fund the latest round of low-cost online courses, a development that providers say will open the door for students to earn inexpensive credentials with real value in the job market.
New niche certifications being offered by providers of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are aimed at satisfying employers' specific needs. Available at a fraction of the cost of a four-year degree, they represent the latest crack in the monopoly traditional universities have in credentialing higher education. More...

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Top institutions in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Chandigarh come together to form Meta university

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/photo/5580817.cmsBy Manash Pratim Gohain. Tried and tested in Delhi — Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia, the concept of Meta University is all set for a pan India replication. Apart from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, some of the top institutions regarded for academics and research in Chandigarh, Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad are coming together to form porous clusters where resources will be shared with students as well as staff enjoying free access to the best facilities available. Some of the big names to join the meta-club are Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, IIT, Ropar and Hyderabad, IIM-Calcutta, English and Foreign Languages University and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, among others.

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What Colleges Will Teach in 2025

https://subscription-assets.timeinc.com/current/TI1271008_top1_100_thumb.jpgBy . America must resolve the conflict between knowledge and know-how. Reports on what supposedly educated Americans know—and more sensationally, don’t know—come along fairly regularly, each more depressing than the last. A survey of recent college graduates commissioned by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni and conducted by GfK Roper last year found that barely half knew that the U.S. Constitution ­establishes the separation of powers. Forty-­three percent failed to identify John Roberts as Chief Justice; 62% didn’t know the correct length of congressional terms of office. Read more...

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Educated Irish leaving for new life abroad

http://www.irishtimes.com/polopoly_fs/1.1320220!/image/image.jpgBy Ciara Kenny. UCC survey shows 62 per cent of emigrants aged 25 to 34 have a third-level qualification. Ireland is experiencing a “brain drain”, as the people currently leaving Ireland for a new life abroad are much more likely to have a higher level of education than the general population, a major survey on emigration has found.
The research, which will be published today at an international conference on “austerity emigration” in University College Cork, reveals that 62 per cent of emigrants aged 25 to 34 have a third-level qualification, compared to 47 per cent of Irish people in that age group overall. More...

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China wants more foreign students to come here

http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-prn2/195812_5852261029_961278718_q.jpgBy . The number of incoming foreign students studying in China falls far behind the number of Chinese going abroad to study, China Daily reports.
According to the Annual Report on the Development of Chinese Students Studying Abroad 2013, 1.14 million Chinese were studying overseas last year compared to the 328,000 foreign students in China.
The United States remains the top destination for international students, attracting 17.5 percent of the global total.
According to the latest QS rankings, only seven Chinese universities were ranked among the top 200 world-class universities. More...

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2020: Demand for HE to outpace international student mobility

http://thepienews.com/wp-content/themes/THEPIE/images/logo-newer.pngBy Nitya Rajan. As growth in student mobility is expected to decline in the next seven years the future of global higher education lies in increased education exports according to new research commissioned by the UK Higher Education International Unit and Leadership Foundation. Suite...

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3e vague de l'observatoire TEC "Tendance Emploi Compétence"

http://www.adef06.org/resources/ARRIERE+PLAN.jpg3e vague de l'observatoire TEC "Tendance Emploi Compétence"

Les résultats du 2ème trimestre 2013 (3e vague) viennent d'être connus, ils sont en ligne sur notre site internet >> www.observatoire-tec.fr.

‘Rappelons qu'en avril 2013, le MEDEF a lancé un nouvel outil : l'Observatoire TEC « Tendance Emploi Compétence ».

Cet outil est destiné à mieux identifier les besoins des entreprises, les compétences attendues et la nature de leurs difficultés.

Il vise à rechercher une meilleure efficience du marché du travail et à se poser les bonnes questions sur l'inadéquation constatée quotidiennement entre les besoins formulés par les entreprises en termes d'emploi, de recrutements, de compétences et la situation que vivent de nombreux demandeurs d'emploi dans leur recherche…. »

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http://www.adef06.org/resources/ARRIERE+PLAN.jpgFPSPP : APPEL A PROJETS OPCA / OPACIF
Actions de qualification et de requalification des salariés et des demandeurs d’emploi
« L’Appel à projets vise exclusivement :
- les salariés d’entreprises impactées par des mutations économiques ou technologiques confrontés à un risque de perte d’emploi ;
- les demandeurs d’emploi, anciens salariés de ces entreprises.
Il s’agira notamment d’anticiper les mobilités des salariés (et anciens salariés) des TPE-PME…. »
Sur le site du FPSPP
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Why MOOCs Are Not A Bandaid for Higher Ed's Gaping Budgetary Wounds

http://www.hastac.org/files/imagecache/Small/hastac-icon.jpgBy Cathy Davidson. A few days ago I wrote a blog called “If We Profs Don’t Reform Ourselves, We’ll Be Reformed (and we won’t like it)” listing four reasons why MOOCs are the center of so much hyperbolic attention, positive and negative, right now.   You can read that post here:  http://hastac.org/blogs/cathy-davidson/2013/01/13/if-we-profs-dont-refor...
A few days later I heard from Lloyd Armstrong, who writes the educational blog “Changing Higher Ed,” who added a fifth important reason, which I agree with entirely:  far too many colleges and universities, desperate to close a gaping budgetary wound, are turning to MOOCs hoping they will magically solve the problem.  They won'tl  To date,   they don’t come close to paying for themselves and have an appalling drop-out rate of something close to 90%, hardly a way of serving one’s students. More...

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Supporting Colleagues and Students at UVA

http://www.hastac.org/files/imagecache/Small/hastac-icon.jpgBy Cathy Davidson. HASTAC readers may have heard by now that, with no warning, the University of Virginia Board of Regents demanded last week that the relatively new President of the University, Teresa Sullivan, resign immediately and be stripped of all duties, with an interim person assigned to report directly to the Regents until an acting president can be appointed. This action against Pres Sullivan, who came to UVA from a distinguished time as Provost at the University of Michigan only two years ago, was organized in secret, skirting around established procedures for open administrative review designed to circumvent exactly this kind of unilateral action, especially against an official who enjoys great support from her fellow administrators, her faculty, and her students. Some are calling what happened at this distinguished university an "educational coup." The Board justified its extreme actions by saying that the President was not acting fast enough to cut the budget of the University. This is especially shocking. Sullivan had to spend much of her first years working with faculty to assemble her own administrative team. More...

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