project opens its second debate on VNIL issues, and calls for participation to all the experts and professionals interested in the topic. The debate will start on 17 September, and will last until 04 October.
This time, the French speaking community is taking the lead and proposes a debate in French on the topic:

La preuve dans le processus de validation des acquis non formels et informels (VAE):

Les méthodes déclaratives comme le dossier de validation (portfolio) et l'entretien ou une évaluation externe  comme les simulations ou l'observation à la placede travail?

Pensez-vous que le dossier de validation (portfolio) soit le meilleur moyen pour fournir la preuve des acquis durant le processus d'évaluation en validation des acquis non formels et informels?

What side would you take? The debate will be a space of reflection and discussion, open to all the professionals interested in the topic, with expert interventions from different countries in Europe. You will be able to follow the discussion and the input from the experts, write your opinion and comments, and vote against or for the motion in several occasions.

The OBSERVAL-Net debates are open to all and free of charge.

To participate, visit

The OBSERVAL-Net project has been working on VNIL for two years now and its aims are to set up a stakeholder-centric network for organisations supporting the validation of non-formal and informal learning in Europe. A Final Dissemination Conference has been organised for the broad public in Brussels on 15 October. Programme and information available at