05 septembre 2013

Value of vocational education ‘underestimated’ in Arab world

https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/2181527757/SG-logo_normal.jpgVocational education will be critical to building advanced economies in the Arab World, and needs to become a priority for regional governments looking to create high performance, global workforces, said Ramiz Haddadin, Pearson’s senior business development manager in the Middle East, who represented Pearson at the 7th Arab Human Resources Management and Training Conference held in Amman early this week under the auspices of Jordan’s Minister of Public Sector Development Dr Khlaif Al Khawaldeh.Haddadin noted that the value of vocational education has been traditionally overlooked by Arab students and their parents.
“Vocational training has often been seen as a lesser alternative to an academic education. Many people believe that vocational courses will lead to jobs that have lower wages and poorer conditions than their academic counterparts. Traditionally, a vocational qualification will not be considered as prestigious as a qualification from a university. However, this is actually no longer the case, as vocational qualifications are now recognized by prestigious international employers and learning institutions, and can lead to increasingly well paid positions with excellent prospects for career advancement.”
Employers in the Arab world have also called for more vocationally trained graduates, as the region faces a skills crisis in many industries, including the engineering, construction and hospitality sectors of the economy. Read more...

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2014 Best Colleges Preview: Top 10 Public Universities

http://www.usnews.com/dbimages/master/41646/footer-compass.pngInterested in exploring the rankings of these schools and others? Visit usnews.com on Sept. 10. Applying to college is a journey that involves finding the right school, submitting applications and then – if you're lucky – choosing among the acceptance letters and financial aid awards to find that place you'll call home for the next few years. To steer you in the right direction, U.S. News surveys colleges and universities each year and ranks nearly 1,400 of them in different categories according to our methodology. Here, we offer a sneak peek of the 2014 Best Colleges rankings. Read more...

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Visa fight hurts foreign students

http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-ash1/1209871_7116517082_1187559142_q.jpgBy Sarah Cruickshank. Universities need to offer international students ways to cope during labour dispute with service officers. For a country built on successful immigration policies, it's troubling to see unnecessary obstacles placed in front of international students. These individuals are driven to pursue higher education, eager to participate in Canadian culture, and willing to contribute to our Canadian economy. 
A large number of potential international students are struggling with delays in visa processing times. This is a direct result of the labour dispute between the Canadian government and the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers, the union that represents the staff at the many Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices. These students may be compelled to delay their studies or to pursue degrees in other countries. And that's likely to present them with a number of additional challenges. Read more...

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Federal universities in UAE to get same regulator as private universities

http://www.thenational.ae/staticfiles/images/portal/logo-the-national.pngBy .All federal universities will be regulated by the same authority that oversees private institutions, starting this academic year.
Educators say this will bring consistency across the system and be especially helpful for students who move between federal and private systems for undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Until now, the Commission for Academic Accreditation, which comes under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, was responsible only for the more than 70 private universities. Zayed University, UAE University and the Higher Colleges of Technology were self-regulating and sought accreditation for degree courses through international bodies. Read more...

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College enrollment down by a half million students in 2012: Census Bureau report

http://lib.newsvine.com/chrome/abstractmartinblog/images/nbcnews-Footerlogo.pngBy Matthew DeLuca. College enrollment in 2012 declined by nearly a half million students compared to a year earlier, according to new figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau, with students over the age of 25 leading the miniature exodus from higher learning.
Enrollment at colleges and universities among students aged 25 and older dropped by 419,000 last year, while enrollment among younger students dropped at about a tenth of that rate, according to the statistics released Tuesday.
The drop-off comes amid an overall increase in college enrollment, with 3.2 million new students entering classrooms between 2006 and 2011, according to the Census Bureau. More...

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Higher education is headed for a shakeout, analysts warn

http://hechingerreport.org/images/hrpublishedby.pngBy . Facing skeptical customers, declining enrollment, an antiquated financial model that is hemorrhaging money, and new kinds of low-cost competition, some U.S. universities and colleges may be going the way of the music and journalism industries.
Their predicament has become so bad that financial analysts, regulators and bond-rating agencies are beginning to warn that many colleges and universities could close.
“A growing percentage of our colleges and universities are in real financial trouble,” the financial consulting firm Bain & Company concluded in a report—one-third of them, to be exact, according to Bain, which found that these institutions’ operating costs are rising faster than revenues and investment returns can cover them. Suite...

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Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience (V.A.E.) - Midi-Pyrénées

http://www.midipyrenees.fr/squelettes/images/logo-region-midi-pyrenees.pngLa Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience est un droit individuel qui permet à toute personne qui le souhaite de faire reconnaître ses compétences par l’obtention d’un diplôme. Seule condition : justifier de trois ans d’expérience professionnelle, salariée, non salariée ou bénévole, en rapport avec ce diplôme.
Pour prétendre à la VAE, les candidats doivent constituer un dossier décrivant leur expérience. Ce dossier est examiné par un jury de validation qui décide de l’attribution, totale ou partielle, du diplôme. Les certificateurs (autorités qui délivrent le diplôme : Ministères, etc…) proposent un accompagnement à la VAE pour aider les candidats à constituer leur dossier et préparer leur présentation au jury.
En amont de la démarche, la Région Midi-Pyrénées a mis en place et finance le réseau des Points Relais Conseil en VAE. Ils sont une quarantaine, répartis sur tout le territoire régional. Leur mission : accueillir et renseigner les candidats sur la démarche, les aider à préciser leur projet, les conseiller sur le choix du diplôme, les orienter vers le certificateur correspondant et les suivre jusqu’à l’obtention du diplôme.
En savoir plus :
valider son expérience pour les salariés et les demandeurs d’emploi
Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience pour les diplômes de l’enseignement supérieur

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Vous êtes salarié ou travailleur indépendant - Midi-Pyrénées

http://www.midipyrenees.fr/squelettes/images/logo-region-midi-pyrenees.pngVous êtes salarié(e), et vous souhaitez vous perfectionner pour évoluer professionnellement ou changer de métier, vous avez la possibilité, sous certaines conditions, de suivre une formation professionnelle.
Différents dispositifs sont mis en place pour vous permettre, selon le cas, d’évaluer vos compétences, de vous ré-orienter professionnellement, d’acquérir une qualification professionnelle reconnue (diplôme, titre professionnel, certificat de qualification professionnelle).
Vous êtes agriculteur, artisan, commerçant, vous pouvez aussi bénéficer des formations ouvertes à tout public.
Aide de la Région
Les salariés à temps partiel qui travaillent moins de 78 heures par mois et qui sont inscrits à Pôle Emploi peuvent accéder aux formations destinées aux demandeurs d’emploi.
Le Programme Régional de Formation Professionnelle propose aussi des formations ouvertes à tout public : les chèques, les formations du Cnam, etc …
Les formations proposées sont dispensées hors temps de travail.
En savoir +
Pour consulter l’offre de formation en cours et les différents types de mesures mises en place : www.Midi-Pyrénées Formations Métiers.fr

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1st “BOOC” on Scaling-Up What Works about to start at Indiana University

http://s0.wp.com/wp-content/themes/pub/blix/images/spring_flavour/header_bg.jpgI talked with Dan Hickey about this — it’s an interesting alternative to MOOCs, and the topic is relevant for this blog.
In the fall semester of 2013, IU School of Education Researcher and Associate Professor Dr. Daniel Hickey will be leading an online course. The 11-week course will begin on September 9 and is being called a ‘BOOC’ or “Big Open Online Course”. The main topic being taught is ”Educational Assessment: Practices, Principles, and Policies”. Here students will develop “WikiFolios”, endorse each other’s work, and earn bonafide Digital Badges based on the work they complete. Suite...

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Coursera : la start-up californienne qui monte dans le monde de l'éducation

http://geopolis.francetvinfo.fr/sites/all/themes/geopolis/logo.pngPar Pierre Magnan. Coursera, la plateforme de Mooc’s (les cours universitaires gratuits en ligne), connaît une croissance fulgurante. En un peu plus d'un an, quelque 4,3 millions d'étudiants se sont inscrits sur ce site. De quoi, pour les deux fondateurs, imaginer tous les développements possibles.
Les Mooc’s sont en plein développement, comme nous le disions ici même. Ces plateformes d’enseignement en ligne qui permettent de suivre des cours par Internet fédèrent de plus en plus d’étudiants dans le monde entier. Parmi ces plateformes aux noms improbables (Edx, Udacity…), l’une d’elles se détache, Coursera. Suite...

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