01 septembre 2013

CLAYSS - Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje-Servicio Solidario


 The mission of CLAYSS - Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje-Servicio Solidario (Latin American Center for Service-Learning) is to contribute to the growth of a fraternal and participative culture in Latin America through the development of service-learning projects. As such CLAYSS was born to accompany and serve students, educators and community organizations that carry out or wish to put into action service-learning projects. The link address is: http://www.clayss.org.ar

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Hong Kong's growing shortage of university places

http://www.timeout.com.hk/images/logo.gifAs more than 13,000 students who qualified for a university place in Hong Kong this summer are denied a spot due to space shortages, Samuel Lai explores our city’s higher education crisis. 
University places should be available to all those who qualified for them because of their ability and attainment,” declared Lord Robbins in the 1960s, the then head of the economics department at the London School of Economics. A bit more than half a century later, however, that ideal is far from the reality in Hong Kong. Over the years, the city has seen an increasing number of students excelling at school, attaining the minimum required scores to attend university. But at the same time, the available publicly funded university places have been frozen, leading to a discrepancy between the number of students reaching the requisite standard and the number actually getting a place at a local university. This summer saw this gap rise to its greatest ever level. More...

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 AsiaEngage is a dedicated network to drive the community engagement field at the ASEAN and Asia region. Initiated and driven by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM or The National University of Malaysia) the network is formed to maximise the strengths of the Asia-Talloires Network of Industry and Community Engaged Universities (ATNEU), the ASEAN University Network Thematic Network on University Social Responsibility and Sustainability (AUN-USR&S) and the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme (AYVP) all of which are hosted by UKM. AsiaEngage brings together key regional stakeholders from universities, communities, industries and governments to catalyse sustainable partnerships in order to develop and sustain engaged communities across Asia. It also aims to create opportunities for sharing of innovative industry and community engagement practices, developing regional capacity for impactful engagement, forging collaborative industry and community-based research and driving learning prospects as well as inspiring youth volunteerism across ASEAN and Asia. The link address is: http://www.asiaengage.org

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U.S. Universities Fight Off Hackers

U.S. universities are relying on faculty and students to help strengthen data security following a spike in cyberattacks over the last few years. While institutions continue to monitor their networks and engage in joint efforts with law enforcement, educating the university community plays a vital role in protecting their systems. At Stanford University, students were recently asked to remain vigilant across all devices after a July attack on the school’s information systems infrastructure.  The attack appeared to have been launched from overseas. While the purpose of the hacking wasn’t clear, experts suggest that intellectual property of commercial value is a common target in such attacks, Randy Livingston, Stanford’s vice president for business affairs, wrote in a letter to students. Mr. Livingston has sent out an email to all students asking them to use complex passwords and change them regularly, and soon the university will require a two-step authentication system for access to certain applications. More...

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Talloires Network


 The Talloires Network is a coalition of universities 230 institutions in 62 countries enrolling over 6 million students that are moving beyond the ivory tower to tackle pressing societal problems. The Network is the primary global alliance committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education. It mobilizes its members to improve community conditions and, in the process, to educate students to be leaders for change. Its vision is that a decisive majority of universities worldwide collaborate actively with the communities where they are located; that institutions of higher education become dramatically more effective engines of social and economic development; that they systematically partner with NGOs, government agencies and private businesses; and that the gold standard in higher education is the engaged university, one that achieves both positive community impacts and academic excellence. The link address is: http://www.tufts.edu/talloiresnetwork/

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All-Africa summit next year to revitalise higher education

By Karen MacGregor. An all-Africa higher education summit is to be held next year, bringing together stakeholders from across the continent to develop a charter and programme of action aimed at revitalising the sector. Another goal will be to build an advocacy alliance for higher education. Akwasi Aidoo, executive secretary of TrustAfrica, told University World News that the summit would be held in Dakar, Senegal, probably in October or November next year. TrustAfrica is a philanthropy, governance and development NGO based in Dakar. More...

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National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement (NCSUE)


 NCSUE strives to be a preeminent innovator within the scholarly movement of engagement in higher education. NCSUE deepens the study of and discussion about two key principles—engaged scholarship and the scholarship of engagement—to inform and advance the national agenda. NCSUE seeks a greater understanding of how university engagement enhances faculty scholarship and community progress. The Collaborative convenes scholars and community fellows to explore ways of creating institutional support for building truly collaborative arrangements. NCSUE supports research studies and dissemination through publications, a speaker series, conferences, presentations, and workshops. The link address is: http://ncsue.msu.edu/

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Uses of open data in higher education governance

http://enews.ksu.edu.sa/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/UWN.jpgThere has been phenomenal growth in government data on the internet, with an estimated more than a million datasets posted online by governments. The boom has major implications for university governance – but different types of data have varying degrees of impact on diverse levels of governance. The open data boom – driven by advocacy groups, and public funding agencies, as well as hackers and developers – opens up opportunities for improving the transparency of higher education governance and providing evidence to inform policy, says Francois van Schalkwyk, a researcher at the Centre for Higher Education Transformation, or CHET, in Cape Town. Van Schalkwyk, in a presentation drawing on in-progress research into open data usage in South African higher education governance governance, was speaking at a Carnegie Corporation of New York-sponsored convening in Nairobi on “Higher Education Policy, Leadership and Governance”, before an audience of African vice-chancellors, heads of commissions and think-tanks. (See the Open Data in Developing Countries Project website.) More...

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Living Knowledge – The international Science Shop Network


 The international Living Knowledge Network (LK) aims at giving citizens access to scientific research. The network is for people interested in building partnerships for public access to research. Members of the network exchange information, documentation, ideas, experiences and expertise on community-based research and science and society relations in general. The link address is: http://www.livingknowledge.org/livingknowledge/

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HE bogged down by unwieldy systems and interference

http://enews.ksu.edu.sa/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/UWN.jpgBy Peta Lee. Preliminary findings of the Higher Education Leadership Programme in Africa – HELP – have revealed numerous weaknesses and impediments hindering the governance and leadership of African universities. Also highlighted were gender issues and state interference. Now in its second year, the project of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, or CODESRIA, has so far commissioned 12 different research networks. More...

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