31 août 2013

PhD: so what does it really stand for?

http://static.guim.co.uk/static/ce988c035aadaf0a6ad0a7a7d51a0fabdf1359a4/common/images/logos/the-guardian/news.gifIf PhD students are the working class of academic research – and paid accordingly – what needs to change? Recently, during some particularly thorough literature research, I stumbled on a list of alternative interpretations of the acronym PhD. Most were funny: protein has degraded, parents have doubts. But one froze my face in a bittersweet grimace: paid half of what I deserve. When I was still a rookie PhD student, I read with outrage an Economist article entitled the disposable academic, which argued that doing a PhD is mostly needless. Lately, I've come to think of the PhD as more of a heavily spicy meal. It doesn't matter how much you enjoy the process, once you're done, you still have half of the pain ahead. Read more...

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