Topic : ’Stakeholders engagement and success of education and training systems reforms. What correlation?’
During the 10th session of CIMQUSEF crowning a decade of the AMAQUEN engagement to participate in efforts to improve quality in education systems and training, we have chosen in line with the themes covered field of quality management, to address this topical issue. Because it is linked to possible roles the different actors and stakeholders in the success of the reforms undertaken by different countries or groups of countries to improve their systems of education and training. The Cimqusef'2013 invite speakers and participants to try to answer the questions underlying the issue:
''How do the management of change promotes engagement of stakeholders in the success of the SET reforms?''.
Orginizers: Association Marocaine pour l'Amélioration de la Qualité de l'Enseignement (AMAQUEN)
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