University of Barcelona is launching a new project entitled "Enhancement of Quality Assurance Management in Jordanian Universities" (EQuAM), in partnership with ENQA and 15 other higher education bodies.
A model (principles, priorities, guidelines and procedures) will be produced to support Jordanian HEIs and their quality assurance unit to improve internal QA in line with the new requirements of the national HE Accreditation Council and international expectations. The Model will be based on analyses of needs and capacities in Jordanian HEIs, as well as the experiences and best practices from the successful QA Action Line of the Bologna Process. Workshops, consultations and “matching” exercises will contribute relevant material from Jordanian and European HEIs and QA agencies. The Model will be piloted in Jordanian HEIs and complemented by training and capacity building to support its sustainability. European experiences in building productive relationships between HEIs and their QA agencies will inform the effective implementation of the Model and reflect the importance of autonomous HEIs meeting national/international expectations whilst working in different contexts.