Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
There is evidence that an engaged lifestyle can contribute to subjective feelings of well-being in later life; equally practical learning can help maintain physical well-being. However we need a much better understanding of what such experiences mean to different older people. This conference aims to open up debate, in particular to clarify the interaction between informal learning and well-being, to explore how it might be evaluated and to consider the implications for educational and social policy and practice in times of economic stringency.
The conference is organised by the Association for Education and Ageing (AEA).
The keynote speech will be given by Dr Marvin Formosa, European Centre of Gerontology, University of Malta. The conference will also incorporate the Frank Glendenning Memorial Lecture which will be given by Professor Judith Phillips, Professor of Gerontology at Swansea University and Director of the Older People and Ageing Research Network in Wales.
A full conference programme, list of speakers and booking information can be found in the 'Events' page of the Association for Education and Ageing website.