is a directory of free Massively Open Online Courses providers (MOOCs).
MOOCs are free non-degree online courses with open unlimited global enrollment to anyone who desires to learn, and regardless of their current educational level.
About MOOCs:
Today, MOOCs provide access to many of the same courses being taught at some of the world's leading universities, and by leading scholars and industry experts in all areas:  From Computer Science to Economics to Medicine to Literature to Engineering to Social Sciences and others.
To date in the K-12 segment, MOOCs  largely concentrated in tutor-style courses to assist students in specific subjects: Math, English, Science, etc.  However, it is anticipated that MOOCs similar in structure to those being offered in the higher education space will be soon be coming from some of the world's leading schools, their faculty and other professionals.
While most are non-credit bearing, some are starting to offer certificates, enhanced learning services and credit options at additional costs. However,none of  these additional options are required to sign up and take advantage of these free courses.
In addition, some MOOCs students are starting to submit their MOOCs course work for credit recognition by their current colleges and universities.
The majority of MOOCs are in English, but increasingly - we are seeing some of these being translated by the MOOCs' online student community themselves. It is also anticipated that multi-lingual MOOCs will be growing with the increased participation of leading international universities.
Enrollment is done online at the MOOCs provider sites. More...