Martine Plompen. Having the right people is essential for any organisation, when looking for growth and specifically for business development purposes, internationally experienced employees bring deeper insights and demonstrate exceptional value. This KPMG survey, covering over 600 organisations, provides insight on how global organisations administer their international human resource programmes.
Key findings of this survey include:

  • The main objective of a global mobility programme for 72 % of survey participants is to support business objectives and be adaptable to changing requirements.
  • Flexibility and adaptability is evidenced through the variety of assignment types offered: 81 % offer short term assignments, 96 % offer long term assignments, 47 % offer permanent transfer assignments.
  • Surprisingly, only 12 % of survey participants say that cost control and assurance of an acceptable return on investment (ROI) are of importance.
  • Survey participants continue to exhibit inclusionary mind-sets as it relates to the definition of a “family” within their policies for benefit purposes, to include partners, dual-career couples, children.
  • 51 % of survey participants say programmes take too much time and effort to administer and most use external service providers to support the volume and complexity.
  • The most common approach in assessing an assignee’s suitability for an international assignment involves having line management and/or HR conduct an informal review (56 %). Other approaches include self-assessments, third party evaluators (both 8 %), and specially trained in-house resources (5 %)
  • 35 % of survey participants manage the processes on a case-by-case basis and have no formal policy is in place.
  • 77% of survey participants offer language training as a standard policy, 64% offer formalised cross-cultural training.
  • 30% offer internal career planning – job placement toward the end of the assignment
  • Formalised mentoring throughout the assignment is offered by 9% of survey participants

The 90-page summary report “Global Assignment Policies and Practices Survey” is free downloadable from KPMG International Executive Services and further benchmarking on aspects of international assignments are available from same. Read more...