14 December 2010 ECA members launched the Multilateral Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Accreditation Results regarding Joint Programmes (MULTRA). The purpose of the MULTRA is to simplify the accreditation and recognition of joint programmes and degrees awarded and to provide an efficient way to expand mutual recognition to more countries.
For the first time, MULTRA has been signed by a non-European Agency: Consejo Nacional de Acreditación (CNA), Republic of Colombia. In the same month MULTRA was also signed by a German accreditation agency: Agentur für Qualitätssicherung durch Akkreditierung von Studiengängen e.V. (AQAS). 
We are happy to note that our efforts to simplify the accreditation of joint programmes and to provide an efficient way to implement mutual recognition is confirmed by these new signatories to MULTRA.  ECA is determined to pursue its efforts in this direction in the upcoming years and thus to continue providing truly global solutions to global needs.
The agreement was signed on behalf of CNA by Patricia Martínes Barrios, Deputy Minister of Higher Education of the Republic of Colombia on 21 June 2013 at the occasion of JOQAR Dissemination Conference "Quality Assurance and Recognition of Joint Programmes" hosted by ANECA in Madrid.