the frontiers of continuing vocational training. By Isabelle Marion, Martine Möbus, Michel Théry. Training and Employment, n° 71, 2006, 4 p.
In France, adults have generally undergone continuing vocational training during their working hours so far and the aim has not usually been to obtain a diploma. The way the educational system and the labour market are set up has resulted in a sharper divide occurring here than else wherein Europe between the age at which people undergo their studies and that at which they pursue their careers. In 2004, however, the French continuing vocational training (CVT) system underwent some major reforms. The measures adopted, which focused for example on individuals' right to vocational training and "professionalizing periods", have transformed the relationships between learning and working. Will these measures suffice to shift the frontiers of continuing vocational training and set France on the lines initiated by the European Union with a view to creating a continuum of lifelong education and training ? Télécharger la publication.