The Minister for Universities and Science has today informed Parliament of the next steps in the Government’s programme of higher education funding and regulatory reform. A copy of his statement is at,82681,en.html.
2. On 2 July the Minister wrote to HEFCE’s chair, Tim Melville-Ross, setting out these steps and HEFCE’s role in taking them forward. The HEFCE Board considered the letter at its 4 July meeting. A copy of the letter is at Annex A. I am writing to draw your attention to it and to the Minister’s statement and to outline HEFCE’s broad approach, including the timetable for consultation and implementation.
3. The letter reaffirms the primary importance of institutional autonomy and academic freedom, principles which are enshrined in the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and which have served higher education in England well. HEFCE’s statutory independence – its arm’s-length relationship with Government – is another key element, as is our tradition of working in partnership with the sector. We will continue to maintain intelligent, open and constructive relationships with universities, colleges, alternative providers and other partners in taking these changes forward.
4. On behalf of the Regulatory Partnership Group (RPG), HEFCE is publishing a summary of the current and proposed regulatory and funding arrangements, ‘Operating framework for higher education in England’1. A copy is available at Read more...