26 juillet 2013

MOOCs Are Going to Ruin Your College Education

http://media1.policymic.com/site/articles/56163/2_photo.jpgBy Polina Kroik. Despite ongoing debate about the benefits of massively open online courses (MOOCs), such courses have been greeted with unabated enthusiasm by administrators at financially strapped public universities. The State University of New York, the Georgia Institute of Technology, San Jose State University (SJSU), and many others have signed agreements with the for-profit start-ups Udacity and Coursera, and the non-profit edX, to offer MOOCs through their systems. State legislators have also jumped on board, proposing bills in Florida and California that encourage public universities to use MOOCs as part of their curriculum. But problems with these high-enrollment online courses have come to light. Last week, SJSU announced that it was putting its experimental MOOC program on hold, after the first term of such courses resulted in a low pass rate. On the national stage, some administrators are voicing concerns about the hasty adoption of this new and a largely untested system. Full article...

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WHAT MERITOCRACY? University intake is now even "more quote than quota"

http://235874981.r.cdn.myinstantcdn.com/images/stories/2013/mc-bm-icon-3.pngBy Lim Kit Siang. At last, the cat is out of the bag – that the university “meritocracy” student intake system which replaced the ethnic quota system for entry into the public universities in 2002 is “more quota than quota”. According to the MCA Youth leader, Datuk Dr. Wee Ka Siong, the intake of Chinese students for eight major courses in public universities - medical, dentistry, pharmacy, electronics and electrical engineering, chemical engineering, law and accounting - has been declining in recent years from 26.2% in 2001 to 25.3% in 2001 and 20.7 per cent this year. Full article...

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