Allan Metcalf. Professors of a certain age, start your engines! And students of a certain different age, start yours too. It’s time to begin daydreaming about the coming academic year.
Not about grades and exams and papers, of course, but about the things that really matter—romance, passion, sex. The inspiration comes from a hot new novel, My Education by Susan Choi. No, I haven’t read it, but listen to this snippet from
“Regina Gottlieb had been warned about Professor Nicholas Brodeur long before arriving as a graduate student at his prestigious university high on a pastoral hill. He’s said to lie in the dark in his office while undergraduate women read couplets to him.”
There you have it, the perfect scenario for a storybook romance: passionate, literary, intellectual, and sexy. So get ready! Professors, so you’ve been relegated to a windowless office? Not to worry. Perfect for lying in the dark. Read more...