the government aiming for 200,000 by 2020... The number of students from abroad choosing to study in Korea has risen considerably in recent years as the country has become increasingly internationalized.
There were almost 90,000 foreign exchange students in the country in 2011, according to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The ministry has sought to encourage the trend, setting a target of 200,000 students in the country by 2020 as part of efforts to transform Korea into an “educational hub” of Asia.
The interest in Korea as a place to study over the last decade would seem to give the government reason to be optimistic about reaching its goal. Korea had fewer than 17,000 international students in 2004.
But the arrival of students from more than 170 different countries has presented its own challenges, from how well foreign students adapt to Korean life and are accepted, to questionable admission procedures from unscrupulous universities and issues surrounding coursework and student support. Read more...