Egracons (European Grade Conversion System) project aims to facilitate exchange mobility by working out a conversion system based on ECTS grade conversion tables as used in the ECTS Users’ Guide.
The project, which is cofunded by the EC, aims to “create tools to enable an accurate interpretation of marks (or grades) given abroad and a fair and manageable conversion of these marks to a local mark in the home institution”.
As part of the project, the organisers are carrying out a survey of higher education institutions in Europe. The survey is open to staff with authority on grade conversions and recognition at the institutional, faculty or departmental level within HEIs. The information gathered from the answers will be used “to draw up both institutional and country reports for the whole of Europe and work out the final specifications for the Egracons online tool for grading conversion”.
The survey is available online and the deadline is 1 August 2013. More information about the project, comprised of a consortium of partners from across Europe, is available here.