02 juillet 2013

Les députés obtiennent un accord sur le programme Erasmus +

http://external.ak.fbcdn.net/safe_image.php?d=AQDUKJddmXiGOgOD&w=32&h=32&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.europarl.europa.eu%2Fwebsite%2Fcommon%2Fimg%2Ficon%2Fheader_icon_eplogo_print.png&crop"Erasmus+" est sur le point de devenir le prochain programme de l'UE pour l'éducation, la formation, la jeunesse et le sport, suite à un accord conclu entre les négociateurs du Parlement et du Conseil ce mercredi. Le budget global pour le nouveau programme dépend de l'accord sur le cadre financier pluriannuel (CFP) pour la période 2014-2020.
"Dès le début, le Parlement a toujours cherché à avoir un programme facile d'utilisation et nous sommes clairement parvenus à atteindre cet objectif", a déclaré Doris Pack (PPE, DE), qui a mené les négociations pour Parlement.
"Ce programme m'est cher. A l'avenir, les étudiants qui n'ont pas pu obtenir de bourses auront la possibilité d'obtenir des prêts à des conditions favorables pour étudier pendant une année ou deux de leur master dans un autre pays de l'UE."
"La dénomination "Erasmus+" montre que ce nouveau programme couvre davantage que la simple mobilité des étudiants. Nous avons renforcé les activités à destination des jeunes et pour la première fois, il y aura une ligne budgétaire séparée pour le sport", a-t-elle ajouté.
Informations générales

Le nouveau programme est composé de trois piliers principaux: l'éducation et la formation, la jeunesse et le sport. Sur l'enveloppe totale, 77,5% seront alloués au secteur de l'éducation et de la formation, 3,5% au mécanisme de garantie de prêts. Le secteur de la jeunesse bénéficiera de 10%, le sport de 1,8%. Les trois institutions se sont accordées en faveur d'une augmentation substantielle du budget du programme mais les chiffres finaux dépendent de l'issue des négociations sur le CFP.
La commission de la culture doit se prononcer sur cet accord et le texte final sera ensuite mis aux voix en plénière probablement en octobre.
"Erasmus" yra apie tapti sekančia ES programa, skirta švietimo, mokymo, jaunimo ir sporto, po tarp Parlamento ir Tarybos derybininkai susitarimo dėl trečiadienį. Bendras biudžetas pagal naująją programą priklauso nuo dėl daugiametės finansinės programos (DFP) 2014-2020 susitarimu. Daugiau...

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Education at a Glance 2013 out this week

Hedda - Higher Education Development AssociationBy Marielk. OECD has recently published Education at a Glance 2013, compiling information about educational systems. This includes information about participation rates, funding rates and the outcomes of the systems both in terms of performance in subject areas to lifetime earnings and employability. The context for the 2013 edition is the persisting economic crisis and wide scale unemployment rates, especially amongst young people. There are countries where up to one third of the age cohort 25-29 is out of education and employment. In this context, the role of education has become central and the indicators show across the board that education matters – both for employment rates, for earnings, and in fact – with tertiary education you are likely to be less obese and not smoke. Read more...

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AHELO Feasibility study with dr. Hamish Coates

Hedda - Higher Education Development AssociationBy Marielk. Episode 41 of our podcast series features dr. Hamish Coates from the LH Martin Institute at University of Melbourne in Australia, and in the interview we discuss the AHELO Feasibility Study. AHELO stands for Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes, and is a OECD funded project international project where Dr. Coates has been the Project Director. Read more...

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Youth issues a top priority

http://eurofound.europa.eu/spotlight-on/sites/default/files/styles/term_header_image/public/youthineuropeupdate.jpgYoung people have long been an important focus of policy at EU level and this is particularly true today. The current EU Youth Strategy (2010–2018) has the challenging objectives of:

  • providing more and equal opportunities for young people in education and in the labour market;
  • encouraging young people to be active citizens and to participate in society.

Addressing the youth employment crisis is at the top of Europe's political agenda, giving rise to the European Commission's Youth Employment Package and the Youth Guarantee from the European Parliament and Council of the EU, among other measures. The strategy is committed to evidence-based policymaking and Eurofound's mission to provide knowledge to assist in developing social and work-related policies is highly relevant here. Eurofound's four-year work programme 2013–2016 includes as a priority 'Youth in Europe - improving prospects for all'. Read more...

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Welcome Croatia!

http://ec.europa.eu/languages/images/content/promo_banners/button_quizz_en.pngWelcome Croatia! The European Union welcomes its 28th Member State
On 1st July 2013 Croatia joins the European Union, increasing the number of EU official languages to 24. DG Translation is welcoming the new Member State with a flag ceremony in Luxembourg (12:30-13:15), which will be webstreamed live.
Androulla Vassiliou (Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism, Sport, Media and Youth), Rytis Martikonis (Director-General of DG Translation) and Miljenka Prohaska Kragović, (Director of the Translation Centre of the Croatian Ministery of Foreign Affairs) will provide the official welcome, accompanied by representatives of the Croatian diplomatic corps and the staff of the European institutions.
To start and end the ceremony, Nikolina Korečić (translator at DGT and professional opera singer) will perform the Croatian and European anthems.

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Croatia – Country statistical overview

http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/Images-ContentManagement/2013-07-statistics.jpgOn 1 July 2013 Croatia becomes the European Union’s 28th Member State. To mark the occasion Cedefop has prepared a statistical overview on vocational education and training (VET) and lifelong learning in Croatia.
Selected for their policy relevance and importance to achieving the Europe 2020 strategy’s objectives, the indicators quantify key aspects of VET and lifelong learning and relate Croatia’s performance to the EU average.
The indicators are those in Cedefop’s recently published country statistical overviews updated for Croatia with the latest available data. The full publication, provides data on other European countries, defines the indicators and explains other data issues and is available at:
Access, attractiveness and flexibility

Indicators in this area show participation patterns in initial and continuing VET training by various groups such as age, gender, educational attainment, working status and type. Participation patterns are used as proxies to indicate the attractiveness of VET as a learning option. Read more...

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Roads to recovery: three skill and labour market scenarios for 2025

http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/Images-ContentManagement/cover_9081_en_rdax_89x125.jpgIn line with earlier forecasts, Cedefop’s projections for skill supply and demand in the European Union (EU) foresee a gradual return to job growth and an older, but better qualified workforce.
The latest forecast extends the time horizon from 2020 to 2025 and differs from its predecessors in seeing demand for high-level qualifications speeding up.
The forecasts consider three scenarios – baseline, optimistic and pessimistic – to show how different economic circumstances may influence the labour market from now until 2025. All three point to skill mismatches (skill shortages and overqualification) in the European labour market in the medium term. Download the briefing note.

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A Francophone MOOCs platform will be launched by the end of the year

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/elearning_papers.pngFrench leading telecommunications operator Orange is developing a platform to unite universities and graduate schools in a francophone Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform that will be launched by the end of this year.
In a recent interview at L’Etudiant Thierry Curiale, Digital Education and MOOC Marketing Director at Orange, revealed his company’s plan to launch a francophone MOOC platform to address the growing need of lifelong learning tools in order allow citizens of all ages to acquire new skills and knowledge. According to Curiale, MOOCs big players like Coursera or edX, based in the United States, “have not yet invested in the Francophonie, even though there will be 700 million French-speakers in 2050, mainly because of the population explosion in Africa.” With the creation of a platform dedicated to promote MOOCs in French, especially in Africa, Orange aims to contribute to the widespread adoption of ITC in education. Several first-class publishers, universities and higher education institutions based in France and Africa have been approached to take part in this project and offer the first MOOCs of the platform, due to see the public light in the fourth quarter of 2013. The target of the project are French-speaking learners, but Curiale points out that they are not excluding the possibility of integrating MOOCs in English or any other language in the platform. More information.

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eLearning Papers listed as one of best General Open Learning online resources

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/imagecache/content_detail_picture/news/elearning-papers.pngeLearning Papers, a digital publication created as part of the European Commission’s elearningeuropa.info portal, has been included among the 99 Best Online College Resources on Open Courseware and MOOCs by the Top 5 Online Colleges blog.
Published five times a year, the online magazine highlights the latest trends on e-learning in Europe and stimulates research. eLearning Papers provides all those interested with an opportunity to have their texts published. Through these articles, the journal promotes the use of ICT for lifelong learning in Europe.
eLearning Papers has been listed among the best General Open Learning online resources, a selection of sites which provide access to open education resources, including lecture transcripts and recordings, textbooks, class syllabi, assignment rubrics, and educational material in any format that can be transmitted electronically. Click here to access the eLearning Papers archive. “MOOCs and Beyond”, its latest issue, focuses on the challenges and future of Massive Open Online Courses.

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Exploring New Approaches towards Open Online Courses

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/elearning_papers.pngBy Li Yuan, Stephen Powell, Hongliang Ma. Designing Learning for the 21st Century (DL21C) is an online course developed by collaboration between a UK and Chinese University to explore new approaches for open learning courses, and the key attributes of Massive Open Online Courses.
A primary motivation for this project included the exploration of business models, this is essential if long-term viability of new approaches and courses are to be assured. From a pedagogical design perspective, the motivation was to create interactive, responsive and pedagogically effective on-line and blended learning, freely available as an open educational resource (OER).  A particular challenge was how to make the course developed culturally, linguistically and pedagogically useful in different languages, cultural contexts and educational settings.   
The rapid expansion of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has sparked great interests about their potential to disrupt the higher education system and the provision of open online courses as strategic choices for the future in institutions. The course developed by the team fulfills the criteria of a MOOC in that it was online and free to access, although in practice the only students registered with the Chinese university participated and were awarded credit. Download Complete Text.

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