22 juin 2013

World's top 100 universities under 50: ranked by Times Higher Education

The Guardian homeSouth Korea's Pohang University of Science and Technology has retained its top spot as the best university under the age of 50. Find out which universities have made the list.
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South Korea's Pohang University of Science and Technology has, once again, topped a list of the best universities under the age of 50. The second annual Times Higher Education 100 under 50 rankings aim to show a "new breed of global universities - those that have managed to join the world's best in a matter of decades rather than centuries."
Swiss university, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne follows in second place and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology takes third place. Eight nations are represented in the top 10 this year, up from only six in 2012. Singapore and the Netherlands join South Korea, Switzerland, Hong Kong, the US, France and the UK, making it more diverse than the traditional world top 100 which is usually dominated by US and UK institutions. Read more...

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University admissions: can contextual data open doors to poorer students?

The Guardian homeBy Gill Wyness. Without students achieving the right combination of subjects and grades, it's hard to see how using contextual information would solve the problem and ensure fairness, argues Gill Wyness. It is a disappointing fact that there remains a huge gulf in the university participation of pupils depending on their background or the school they went to. Yet despite what many think, the issue here is not aspiration – research suggests that around half of students in the poorest quintile of the socio-economic status distribution aspire to go to university at age 14, even though only around 13% go on to do so. Read more...

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Social mobility: Alan Milburn's report makes for depressing reading

The Guardian homeBy . By focusing on attainment, rather than their own admissions process, universities are ignoring the data, says Tessa Stone. The first official outing of the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission with the publication of Alan Milburn's Higher Education: The Fair Access Challenge, has made very depressing reading for those of us who have spent the past 10 years and more trying to help Russell Group universities increase the number of state educated students who apply, and get accepted. Read more...

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Public relations courses put a spin on students' skills

The Guardian homeBy . Bournemouth is just one university offering a master's in public relations, which encompasses social media and viral campaigns. Spin doctors might be less high-profile than they once were, but even if the practitioners are not all over the front page of the newspaper any more, the art of public relations is still as vital as ever for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Read more...

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University public engagement: 20 tips

The Guardian homeBy . Experts from our recent #HElivechat share best practice and advice on better engaging the public in university research.
The definition of public engagement is changing

"Any member of a university embarking on public engagement should reflect on what it means to them, and external audiences and stakeholders should also speak up for what they think public engagement should mean. There's a difficult tension between recognising public engagement as a core university activity, and allowing the 'goodwill' and 'voluntarism' of earlier public engagement activities to flourish. If there are members of universities getting involved in public engagement without enthusiasm, the public engagement activity won't be of high quality." (Nicola Buckley, head of public engagement at the University of Cambridge). Read more...

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Moocs are the clever way to keep up to date

The Guardian homeBy Helena Pozniak. Leading UK universities offer short Mooc courses to help mature students stay abreast of the latest developments. The world of distance learning has changed beyond recognition since the first correspondence courses dropped onto doormats more than 40 years ago. Classes of thousands from around the world can now join interactive lectures for free. This is the world of moocs – massive open online courses – which have blazed a trail in the US. This autumn, 21 UK universities – including Bristol, Leeds and Southampton – are preparing to launch their own moocs in partnership with the Open University. Read more...

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Use postgrad to give your life a new direction

The Guardian homeBy . If you change your mind about your career during your degree, find a postgrad course to give you the focus you need. Employability is the buzzword in higher education but a surprising number of students are rethinking their careers as they don their graduation gowns. Perhaps they have studied science and want to go into advertising or they have trained as a doctor but want the excitement of a career in the City. Choosing the "wrong" degree subject leaves graduates with a dilemma, and not one necessarily of their making. Read more...

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Turn your Twitter and Facebook skills into a career

The Guardian homeBy . MA courses have elevated the subject to an academic discipline. Think expertise in social media is something just picked up by trial and error? Think again. In March the University of Westminster launched a new MA in social media, alongside its new Centre for Social Media Research, announcing that it would be recruiting for September entry. Read more...

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How is technology transforming the role of teachers?

The Guardian homeBy . Exams where you can Google the answers; is research all it's cracked up to be; plus our new hub for parents of students … all on our online education communities this week. Moving beyond the well-worn debate about the potential of technology in the classroom, this week the Guardian Teacher Network is running a special series to explore how technology is transforming the role of a teacher. Read more...

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Technology brings postgrads in from the cold

The Guardian homeBy Helena Pozniak. Smartphones and laptops mean students on field trips can interact with universities. A postgraduate student is on a field trip to the Orkney Islands collecting data for her PhD in cultural heritage. She checks her RSS feed on her smart phone over breakfast, honing in on the most relevant reports from hundreds of professional journals and blogs that she follows.  Her working day begins with a Skype meeting with supervisors in Leicester and Glasgow. Together they edit an article via Google Docs. She then publishes a blog via Wordpress, which she uses to share and test ideas-in-progress with peers and experts worldwide. Read more...

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