08 juin 2013

Survey shows growing support for online education in California

http://www.latimes.com/images/logoSmall.pngIn new USC Dornsife/L.A. Times poll, 59% of respondents said increasing online classes at public universities will make education more affordable and accessible. For Steven Ancheta, the time is long past for more arguments about online education's merits and convenience.
The West Covina resident, who is enrolled in a fully online program for a bachelor's degree from Arizona State University, praised the experience and the chance for working people to take evening or weekend classes.
His positive view about online education was strongly supported in a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll. Among the registered voters who participated in the survey, 59% said they agreed with the idea that increasing the number of online classes at California's public universities will make education more affordable and accessible. However, 34% expressed fears that expanding online classes will reduce access to professors, diminish the value of college degrees and not save money. Read more...

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China Talent Outflow Highest in the World, People’s Daily Says

http://s0.2mdn.net/3246688/300x250_EMEA.jpgChina is losing top-notch talent at the highest rate in the world as students who seek degrees abroad opt to remain overseas, the official People’s Daily newspaper reported today.
An average of 87 percent of students in science and engineering stay overseas, the newspaper said, citing an official from a government working group on talent whom it didn’t identify. China needs to compete better for human talent, the report cited the official as saying.
Young Chinese have flocked to overseas schools in search of degrees. The country’s policy of limiting many couples to one child and its growing wealth mean middle-class families can afford U.S. tuition that far exceeds the costs of Chinese universities. Read more...

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