04 juin 2013

A new offering for Mexico’s hopeful college grads: student loans

http://i.bnet.com/blogs/sp_graduation.jpgBy Lauren Villagran. Mexicans aspiring to middle-class status increasingly see university education as a must. Yet an over-saturated public university system accepts just a fraction of applicants, and many aspirants lack the means to pay for private college. That’s where FINAE, an institution specializing in financing higher education, comes in.
In a credit market for higher education still in its infancy, FINAE is serving a population that traditional banks have mostly ignored: students who are the first in their family to attend college, whose families fall into a bracket with middle-class aspirations, if not income. Parents think about education like an inheritance, says Celia Guerra, director of financial aid at Mexico’s private Universidad Panamericana, which facilitates FINAE credits. She says parents tell her: “Since I don’t have money, all I can leave my children is an education so that they can get ahead on their own.”
Francisco Vizcaya, a former executive of Spain’s Santander bank in Mexico, saw opportunity in this underserved niche and founded FINAE in 2008. The institution has financed the education of more than 4,000 students since then and spawned competitors, as well. Read more...

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Higher Education Problems Could Slow Brazil’s Development

http://www.openequalfree.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/OEFhorBlueFinal.pngIn 2012 the Brazilian economy grew to become the sixth largest in the world, overtaking Great Britain. With a rising middle class, flourishing commodities sector, and huge offshore oil deposits, the country seems poised to continue its upward trajectory. The state of higher education, however, may be holding it back.
Brazil lags behind in higher education, with only 17% of Brazilians aged 18-24 enrolled in a university degree program or having obtained a diploma. Brazilians, on average, receive only 7.3 years of schooling, according to government statistics, and less than half of workers have finished high school. In 2009 the OECD ranked Brazil 53rd out of 65 countries in math and literacy skills.
The number of low-skilled jobs available is shrinking in Brazil’s changing economy, and the need for highly skilled professionals, especially engineers, is growing. Often there are not enough qualified candidates to fill the skilled positions, and this scarcity is already having an impact on businesses. Read more...

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Student Debt 2013: Can Vocational Education Solve it?

http://media1.policymic.com/site/users/41177/avatar-100x100.pngBy Melanie Breault. To tackle the unemployment crisis in Europe, memoranda has been signed between Germany and Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain to set up vocational education systems. Is it time for the U.S. to visit the idea of vocational education too?
Germany and Austria — the two European countries with the lowest youth unemployment rates — have dual-education systems where they combine part-time apprenticeships with formal schooling. The way it works is: Any students not interested in, or not qualified for, university can sign up for a program where they spend part of the week working for a firm that pays them one third of a trained workers salary, and the other half of the week learning the theory and practice of their interested occupation as well as other general subjects. Read more...

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Handicap et entreprise - développer la rationalité

http://www.amge-jobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/logoFocusRH.jpgPropos recueillis parBrice Ancelin. L’association Tremplin pour l’emploi accompagne les jeunes en situation de handicap dans leur orientation académique et professionnelle. Christian Grapin, directeur de l’association revient sur les actions de l’association.
Qu’est-ce que Tremplin pour l’emploi?
Nous sommes une association qui regroupe 200 entreprises adhérentes: des grandes et des plus modestes. Nous travaillons à ce qu’elles ouvrent leurs portes aux travailleurs handicapés. Auprès des jeunes, notre action est double. Nous les accompagnons sur leur devenir académique et sur leur devenir professionnel. Nous les incitons ainsi à anticiper sur leurs aspirations. S’ils s’y prennent trop tard, ils risquent de découvrir que certains métiers, du fait de leur handicap, leur seront inaccessibles. Ils risquent aussi de découvrir trop tard qu’ils auraient pu s’ouvrir à d’autres métiers. Suite de l'article...
http://www.amge-jobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/logoFocusRH.jpg Cruinniú Brice Ancelin. Tremplin Tacaíonn an fhostaíocht daoine óga faoi mhíchumas ina treoir acadúil agus gairmiúil. Christian Grapin, stiúrthóir de chuid an chumainn ar ais ar na gníomhaíochtaí de chuid an chumainn. Níos mó...

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MOOCs Morphing Into a Path for College Preparation

http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/simgad/15156072099041651786By Anya Kamenetz. Last week, the Massive Open Online Course platform Coursera announced a new partnership with 10 major state flagships and state university systems. While Coursera’s existing university partnerships focus on professors at elite institutions producing and sharing online versions of their courses, these partnerships are different. The focus is on incorporating existing MOOCs and newly created MOOCs—covering basic intro level and general education requirements—into the universities’ offerings, flipping the classrooms at public institutions, using MOOCs as a catalyst for collaboration on teaching and learning, and enhancing access to credit-bearing programs.
One area of innovation that Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller cited is the use of MOOCs for high school dual enrollment programs. Read more...

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If Employment Game Has Changed, Who's Teaching The Rules?

http://media.npr.org/chrome/news/nprlogo_138x46.gifIt still pays to earn a college degree. That is, if you get the right one. Georgetown University published a report Wednesday that looked into this dilemma.
"The labor market demands more specialization. So, the game has changed," says Anthony Carnevale, the report's co-author and director of Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce.
Carnevale says students probably aren't choosing the right degrees because they haven't been given the right guidance.
Chasing The Elusive American Dream

He says that given slow hiring in the current economy, some industries that sound promising aren't — like biomedical engineering. That's what Sandra Mantilla majored in at Florida International University. Read more...

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Professors Are About to Get an Online Education

http://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/OB-XR547_kessle_C_20130602172816.jpgBy Andy Kessler. Georgia Tech's new Internet master's degree in computer science is the future. Anyone who cares about America's shortage of computer-science experts should cheer the recent news out of Georgia Tech. The Atlanta university is making major waves in business and higher education with its May 14 announcement that the college will offer the first online master's degree in computer science—and that the degree can be had for a quarter of the cost of a typical on-campus degree. Many other universities are experimenting with open online courses, or MOOCs, but Georgia Tech's move raises the bar significantly by offering full credit in a graduate program. Read more...

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Filling India’s Huge Need for Vocational Training

http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/misc/nytlogo152x23.gifBy Amy Yee. In a simple classroom above a storefront on a bustling street, four young men crowded around the colorful innards of an open computer hard drive while their teacher explained in Hindi how it all worked. The computer repair course was among 25 offerings at Gras Academy, a private institution with 58 skills training centers across India, including this one in Ghaziabad, a city on the outskirts of New Delhi.
Gras is one of a burgeoning number of private academies providing hands-on job training in India, filling a gap between government vocational centers and four-year universities. These schools — which offer short, practical, nondegree programs — have been growing since the early 2000s. Read more...

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Want to know where to get a cheap education?

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/sitelogos/logo_mol.gifCambridge and Bristol are the most expensive university cities while Liverpool costs £6,000 less
    * Research based on 24 elite Russell Group universities
    * Cost of a bedroom in Cambridge averages £97.25 per week
    * Durham offers 'best value for money' with rent at £62 per week
    * Average pint in the capital is £3.60 compared to just £2.25 in Cardiff
    * Those looking to save money on rent and social life should study in Leeds.
Cambridge and Bristol have been revealed as the most expensive student cities in Britain.
New research has revealed the true disparity in the real cost of studying at some of the UK’s top universities.
The study, based on the 24-strong elite Russell Group of universities has shown that Cambridge and Bristol have beaten London into third place as the UK’s most expensive student cities based on the cost of renting a bedroom. Read more...

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It's now Job-hunting Season

http://english.cri.cn/08menu/images/08menu_06.pngIt's not rare nowadays for young Chinese to study abroad. Statistics from China's Ministry of Education indicate that last year alone, 400-thousand students went abroad for a foreign degree, and in the same year, 270-thousand, or nearly 70 percent of the overseas students, returned home after completing their studies.
Many of the students believed that studying abroad broadened their horizons and therefore would enhance their competitiveness in the ever fiercer job market back home. But does a foreign degree guarantee the success in job application? What really helps to attract employers' attention? And what is the fundamental solution for boosting the job market?
Stay tuned to this edition of "Life in China" as we take a close look at the current employment situation here in China. Read more...

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