02 juin 2013

Neue Privat-Unis

http://www.epapercatalog.com/images/zeit-online-epaper.jpgPrivate Hochschulen sind seit 1990 an zahlreichen Orten in Deutschland aus dem Boden gesprossen. Besonders viele Abiturienten zieht es nach Berlin. Die Deutschlandkarte. Bis zur Wende waren Privat-Unis in Deutschland ungefähr so selten wie Bären. Eine der wenigen war in Witten im Ruhrgebiet, einer Gegend, die nicht unbedingt an Elite denken lässt. Inzwischen haben sich Privat-Unis ganz gut verbreitet – und nirgendwo so wie in Berlin. Die Stadt führt in diesem Uni-Ranking so eindeutig wie in keinem anderen. Mehr...

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EU-Prüfer werfen Lüneburger Uni Korruption vor

http://www.epapercatalog.com/images/zeit-online-epaper.jpgUm Millionen für den Libeskind-Bau zu bekommen, soll die Universitätsleitung die EU getäuscht haben. Bildungsministerin Johanna Wanka wusste möglicherweise davon. Die EU-Antibetrugsbehörde Olaf wirft der Leuphana-Universität vor, sich eine Förderung in Millionenhöhe erschlichen zu haben. Bei der Vergabe des Geldes, das die EU zugesichert hatte, um ein Audimax nach einem Entwurf von Daniel Libeskind zu bauen, seien die Verfahrensregeln nicht eingehalten worden. Das kritisieren die Prüfer in einem vertraulichen Bericht, der dem Weser Kurier vorliegt. Mehr...

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Presentation on MOOC for KM change

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. Just finished my presentation on Change and how MOOCs can help with coping change, given during the Managing and Surviving Change MOOC organized by the University of Aberdeen. You can see the slide deck here
Or you can have a look at the video recording.
Later today (at 14 o'clock BST) I am going to speak during the Managing and Surviving Change MOOC organized by the University of Aberdeen. During this talk I will be focusing on how MOOCs can be used to prepare and cope with changes that affect all of us: downsizing, preparing for a career move, staying on top of your own expertise ... so feel free to join, the hangout URL will be posted here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111851221304115850183
And these are the slides I will base my talk on ... and get into some conversations.

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MOOC State University

https://s3.amazonaws.com/hackedu/gargoyletechnotext.jpgBy Audrey Watters. OMG, MOOCs
This week, Coursera announced a series of deals with 9 state university systems: the State University of New York, the University of Tennessee system, The Tennessee Board of Regents, the University of Colorado system, the University of Houston system, the University of Kentucky (The Chronicle of Higher Education has a copy of this contract), the University of Nebraska, the University of New Mexico, the University System of Georgia, and West Virginia University. According to its blog, “the partnership with Coursera will give professors the option to experiment with and improve upon the ‘blended learning’ model, which combines online video lectures and content with active, in-person classroom interactions.” Inside Higher Ed offers a lot more details on the deals, arguing that they will “help the company test new business models and teaching methods and potentially put Coursera in competition with some of the ed tech industry’s most established players.” Many education bloggers have chimed in too, noting that this makes Coursera less of a “disruptive innovation” and more of an learning management system, a courseware provider, or an academic publisher. “You can stop worrying about MOOCs now,” says Martin Weller, who says this move shows that the MOOC bubble is already bursting. Read more...

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MOOCs - are the clouds beginning to clear?

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rNi2ri7unKg/URlQ4DZjjYI/AAAAAAAAE9o/e4uFXohGXHI/s220/181.JPGBy Alastair Creelman. Martin Weller wonders if the whole MOOC bubble has already burst in his post, You Can Stop Worrying About MOOCs Now. This week has seen the announcement by Coursera that they will be partnering with 10 US state university systems and public schools to provide them with course content. Instead of being the revolutionary element of disruption in higher education the xMOOCs are beginning to blend in with regular campus by providing ready-made course content for smaller universities and colleges to embed in their own programs. A college can thus offer a wider range of courses since they do not have to make the investment in developing the course material and can offer the tuition and examination that the MOOC cannot offer. Read more...

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A New MOOC Business Plan

http://wamo.s3.amazonaws.com/mag/1305/1305-cover.jpgBy Daniel Luzer. Coursera, the company that provides many massive open online courses (MOOCs) to colleges, is apparently changing its business strategy. The way it used to work was that Coursera would offer students free, online versions of courses taught by professors at elite colleges. The students wouldn’t get academic credit from these institutions but they would potentially get the advantage of the high-quality courses. The company wasn’t really sure how to make money off of the free courses, however, and merely proposed potential revenue strategies, like corporate sponsorship or payment for certifications. Observers assumed that eventually the company would find a plan. Apparently it has. According to an article by Steve Kolowich in the Chronicle of Higher. Read more...

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The MOOC bubble and the attack on public education

http://www.academicmatters.ca/wordpress/assets/academic-matters-logo-nov2012.pngBy Aaron Bady. In the last year, MOOCs have gotten a tremendous amount of publicity. Last November, the New York Times decided that 2012 was “the Year of the MOOC,” and columnists like David Brooks and Thomas Friedman have proclaimed ad nauseum that the MOOC “revolution” is a “tsunami” that will soon transform higher education. As a Time cover article on MOOCs put it—in a rhetorical flourish that has become a truly dead cliché—“College is Dead. Long Live College!”
Where is the hype coming from? On the one hand, higher education is ripe for “disruption”—to use Clayton Christensen’s theory of “disruptive innovation”—because there is a real, systemic crisis in higher education, one that offers no apparent or immanent solution. It’s hard to imagine how the status quo can survive if you extend current trends forward into the future: how does higher education as we know it continue if tuition fees and student debt continue to skyrocket while state funding continues to plunge? At what point does the system simply break down? Something has to give. Read more...

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http://doug-johnson.squarespace.com/storage/headers/bshead61.jpgBy Doug Johnson. So I need to carefully consider how much my own transilliteracy impacts my answer to this month's ISTE Leading & Learning Point/Counterpoint question: "Should transliteracy replace language arts?" Is "language arts ... due for an update to encompass literacy in all the media that students must navigate in our mediacentric society" is the wicked question. Not being transliterate myself, I have a difficult time determining if traditional print literacy is a prerequisite to other literacies. Do I need to be able to write well if I am going created a quality video, for example? My approach to creating a video would be to write a script first, so I would consider traditional literacy foundational to transliteracy. But that's me. Read more...

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ROI from all that university research = x

http://a123.g.akamai.net/f/123/12465/1d/www2.canada.com/images/newspapers/edmontonjournal/widgets/paper_image.gifBy Gary Lamphier. The push by cash-strapped governments for more commercially focused scientific research has triggered a backlash among academics, who regard the unfettered pursuit of basic science as sacrosanct. Their concerns are understandable, to a degree. After all, no one wants university labs to become mere appendages of giant pharmaceutical, energy or food-products companies, whose primary goal is to grow shareholder profits, not expand the frontiers of scientific knowledge. Still, the fearmongering from academics seems a tad overdone. Typically, on most research projects, the relationship between industry sponsors and university scientists is clearly defined. Read more...

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Atleo says aboriginal education essential

http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-ash4/373031_164697223559731_475559954_q.jpgBy Kerry Benjoe. All foster children graduating high school will have their tuition paid for if University of Regina President Vianne Timmons has her way.
"That is something I am going to begin to work at advocating for," she said. "And I'm going to do it."
Timmons made the announcement at the end of the two-day Lloyd Barber Summit on Aboriginal Education at the U of R.
"I have a wide range of emotions on the last day of the summit," said Timmons. "But the most important thing is that I feel a sense of pride and a sense of optimism."
"I think the 150 people here have made the commitment to take action," she said.
She plans to get to work on her goal immediately.
Timmons challenged everyone at the summit to focus on one thing they can do to improve the aboriginal education situation.
Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo, who delivered the closing keynote address, was impressed by Timmons. Read more...

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