23 mai 2013

MOOCs to take off in Germany?

http://www.pontydysgu.org/wp-content/themes/dirk/images/header18.jpgThe German educations ystem can be slow to change. But when initiatives are taken they are taken seriously! And Germany is now moving into the world of MOOCs.
The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and iversity, has launched a “MOOC Production Fellowship” contest.
Their web site explains. Read more..

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The Web Is Your MOOC, and Portfolios To The Rescue

http://funnymonkey.com/sites/all/themes/funkymonkey/images/logo.pngI'm getting ready to head in to DrupalCon, where over the next few days I'll be talking education and open learning with anyone who is interested. And as I'm heading in, I have MOOCs on the brain - not because I'm particularly a fan of MOOCs, but because of the tendency to take a great thing (in this case, information and interpersonal exchanges distributed broadly over the web) and reduce it into something that feels more manageable, but is ultimately something lesser (in this case, MOOC platforms). More on this later...
It's All About The Portfolio
In the post-lifestream, post-MOOC era, it's been rare to see much excitement about portfolios. This doesn't surprise me, because like all good ideas, portfolios have been around for a while, and thus lack the shiny newness that generates great marketing copy. However, the need for the concept hasn't diminished - any time you see a site that promises to collect the sources of your learning into a single location, so you can show your employers what you know! - you should think, "portfolio." All of the sites that promise to simplify collecting and curating your digital footprint? Portfolios. A lot of the conversations around documenting and receiving credit for informal learning have their roots (and possibly solutions) in portfolios. Read more...

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