07 avril 2013

New MLA Guidelines on Digital Authorship and IT Support

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/profhacker-nameplate.gifBy Jason B. Jones. This week, the Modern Languages Association‘s Committee on Information Technology released updates to two 2000-era guidelines that will interest many ProfHacker readers: one on authoring digital resources, and another on how institutions might support humanities IT work. The “Guidelines for Authors of Digital Resources” does not try to explain how to markup a web page, or code a mobile app. Instead, it aims to “help authors create resources that can be easily discovered and used, fairly evaluated, and adequately cited.” It reminds authors about important issues such as accessibility, privacy, and security, while also providing guidance about giving credit, providing for fair use, types of metadata to include, and more. The “Guidelines for Information Technology Access and Support for the Modern Languages” has suggestions about three related, yet distinct areas: what resources are appropriate for scholars and teachers in the modern languages, and how to govern those resources. Read more...

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How Social Media Can Enhance Study Abroad

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/worldwise-nameplate.gifThe following is a guest post from Mandy Reinig, director of international education at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. A debate was started recently about whether social media has hurt study abroad, in part prompted by a commentary in The Chronicle. While I agree that technology has changed the way we look at study abroad and the way students interact while overseas, I don’t agree that it will lead to fewer cultural or transformative experiences for students while abroad. Social media has changed the way students interact and the way we, as international-education professionals, interact with students before, during, and after their time abroad. What I don’t think social media has done or will do is prevent those students who want a cultural experience from achieving it.  As was mentioned in some of the comments following the commentary, there have been and always will be students who treat study abroad as more of a vacation and go abroad simply to travel rather than for the academic or cultural experiences. Read more...

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Stanford U. and edX Will Jointly Build Open-Source Software to Deliver MOOCs

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/wired-campus-nameplate.gifBy Jeffrey R. Young. Starting in June, colleges that want to deliver their own massive open online courses will be able to use a free software platform developed jointly by Stanford University and edX, the nonprofit MOOC provider founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The move is a merger of sorts between two previously competing software-development projects with the same goal. EdX has long said it would make the software it built to power its MOOCs freely available to anyone as an open-source package. And Stanford was working on Class2Go, its own free software for online courses. Now the two software teams will work together and focus on developing a single platform. Read more...

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Sweating the Details of a MOOC in Progress

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/wired-campus-nameplate.gifBy Karen Head. Because I grew up in a military family, the expression “boots on the ground” always informs how I look at the planning and execution of a project. No matter the situation, I believe an accurate assessment of resources and personnel is paramount to success. Like many instructors who have agreed to teach MOOCs (I’m currently working with colleagues to develop a massive open online course in freshman composition at Georgia Tech), I was eager to explore the possibilities. But in recent weeks I’ve begun to feel naïve, and even at times misled, about the necessary resources and procedures. In defense of all the universities who have signed on to create MOOCs, I don’t think any institution was, or could be, fully ready for the endeavor. There are too many unknowns. As a colleague of mine recently said, “We can’t build the track fast enough for this train to run on.” And this is where eagerness and naïveté really caught up with me—I signed on to this project assuming that the track was already there. It wasn’t, and that has meant a series of disruptions. Read more...

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Colby College Eliminates Greenhouse-Gas Emissions, Declaring Itself Climate Neutral

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/buildings-grounds-nameplate.gifBy Scott Carlson. Colby College has achieved what only a handful of other higher-education institutions have done so far: The college has met its goal in the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment and declared itself climate neutral. That means—essentially, with some caveats—that the college has zero greenhouse-gas emissions.
After signing the climate commitment, Colby set a goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2015—a date far sooner than most other institutions that had signed. Only three other colleges have achieved climate neutrality under the commitment: the College of the Atlantic, Green Mountain College, and the University of Minnesota at Morris. Read more...

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Report Criticizes the Citadel’s Investigation of Abuse Complaint

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/the-ticker-nameplate.gifBy Nick DeSantis. An internal investigation at the Citadel that examined how the South Carolina military college handled a sexual-abuse complaint was “inadequate” but did not represent a coverup to keep the information secret. That was the central finding of an independent review released by the institution on Friday, according to The Post and Courier, a South Carolina newspaper. The college’s investigation stemmed from a 2007 allegation that accused a former cadet of sexually abusing boys while he served as a counselor at the Citadel’s summer camp. The incidents of abuse reportedly took place five years earlier, in 2002. The former cadet, a Citadel graduate, is now serving a 50-year prison term after pleading guilty last summer to charges that he had molested boys in Charleston, S.C., the newspaper reported. The college has previously said that it regretted not doing more about the incidents, which prompted lawsuits against the institution. Read more...

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Adding Insult to Plagiary?

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/percolator-art-new.gifBy Tom Bartlett. Colin Purrington wrote a funny, helpful guide about designing scientific posters. It has loads of practical tips (don’t make it too long, use a nonserif font for titles, etc.) and jokes about the mating habits of cute red pandas. The guide has been remarkably popular—he estimates it’s been viewed about two million times over the years—and he gets e-mails thanking him all the time. It has become a claim to minor fame. Sometimes people, um, borrow his guide without giving him credit. This happens fairly regularly, and when he finds out about it, he sends an e-mail asking them to take it down. Usually they do. But when he sent an e-mail to the Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research, asking that a roughly 1,200-word, near-verbatim, uncredited chunk from his guide be removed from the consortium’s materials, the response was unexpected. Read more...

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Wir wollen mehr ausländische Studenten

ovb-onlineInterview: Angelo Rychel, Felix Müller, Andrea Steiler. LMU-Präsident BERND HUBER Seit 2002 leitet Bernd Huber Deutschlands zweitgrößte Hochschule, die Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.
Der 52-Jährige hatte kürzlich überraschend seinen Rücktritt zur Hälfte seiner laufenden Amtszeit erklärt – nur um sich am 12. Juli erneut zur Wahl zu stellen. Hintergrund: Das turnusgemäße Ende der Amtszeit 2016 wäre in die heiße Phase der Bewerbung für die neue Exzellenzinitiative gefallen – ein als Wettbewerb konzipiertes Förderprogramm von Bund und Ländern. Der LMU-Präsident sitzt fest im Sattel, bei der Wahl tritt er ohne Gegenkandidaten an. Im Interview mit unserer Zeitung blickt Huber auf seine bisherige Arbeit zurück und spricht über die künftige Ausrichtung der Uni und die LMU als internationale Marke.
-Sie haben nach dem Aus für die Studiengebühren gesagt: „Jetzt muss man auf das Kleingedruckte achten.“ Was haben Sie bisher für ein Gefühl beim Blick durch die Lupe?
Ich bin mit der beschlossenen Kompensation sehr zufrieden. Wir bekommen die bisher erzielten Einnahmen vollständig erstattet und haben bis Ende 2014 Planungssicherheit. Mehr...

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Graduate Glut Spells Underused Skills and Dissatisfaction for Many

ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news
and science breakthroughs -- updated dailyGraduates are taking up jobs that don't fully use their skills and as a result are causing high turnover for employers, claims new research published today in the journal Human Relations, published by SAGE. The findings raise questions about today's high throughput in university education.
Policy makers in many developed and developing countries envisioned high-value economies supported in part by a highly-skilled and well-paid workforce. As a result, many nations have increased higher education (HE) access, assuming that employers will be able to use this larger bank of skills effectively. However, the number of skilled jobs has not matched the rising number of skilled workers, so that today's higher qualifications no longer guarantee graduates higher earnings, or further opportunities to use and develop knowledge and skills. Many graduates are now employed in 'intermediate' level jobs previously not regarded as graduate jobs. Read more...

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Iran and Armenia, in favor of increasing university partnerships

Pravda.ruBy Lisa Karpova. Iran and Armenia on Tuesday decided on expanding their cooperation and communication between universities of the two neighboring countries.
The rector of the Yerevan State University (ESU), Aram Simonian, during a meeting with the Speaker of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Ramin Mehmanparast, held in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, requested an increase in the number of Iranian students in their country and increased university cooperation in the fields of geology, seismology and book publishing.
Mehmanparast, at this meeting, said Iran has 45 million people under 35 years of age, so it is considered a young country with high academic abilities, so they welcome the increase in university partnerships with other countries. Read more...

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