29 avril 2013

Value of a liberal-arts education spurs major debate

http://www.dispatch.com/content/digital/images/promo-newspaper.jpg?__scale=w:143,h:104,t:1By Encarnacion Pyle. Rising costs reignite questions about the value of a liberal-arts education. The rising cost of college has rekindled the debate about the value of a liberal-arts education, with governors in three states pooh-poohing such degrees as history, literature and philosophy.
But several central Ohio college officials say a liberal-arts education has never been more important as employers complain that graduates lack communication, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
“The problems of the 21st century — 9/11, the global economic meltdown, terrorism in Boston are complex and don’t come in neat little boxes,” said Victoria McGillin, the provost of Otterbein University, a private liberal-arts college in Westerville. Read more...

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Public higher education is disappearing

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQXX4zpVn9YGg0_8RELHStios6KFZYZACnEkATPciNmMjPcTbzWyDnvhGwBy David Boren. Most Americans have barely noticed a trend that gravely threatens our future. Step by step, public higher education is disappearing across our nation.
Our dominance in higher education is our greatest asset as we compete with other nations. While the U.S. has less than 6 percent of the world's population, most surveys indicate that we have 85 percent to 90 percent of the world's greatest colleges and universities. Students from all over the world flock to America to obtain college degrees.
It is not a coincidence that our greatest period of economic growth came in the 20 years following the end of World War II. Real incomes of ordinary Americans almost doubled. This growth came as the percentage of our population going to college increased 500 percent because the G.I. Bill of Rights provided a free college education for those who served in the war effort. Read more...

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Less Debt, Easier Payback - How to curb student debt and better manage repayment

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/default/files/UB-logo_4_0_0.pngBy Erin Timmons. As student loan debt levels and default rates in the United States continue to climb, consumers remain concerned about the accessibility and affordability of higher education. The average overall loan debt for bachelor’s degree recipients is fairly manageable (about $26,500 for the class of 2011, according to The Institute for College Access and Success). Still, students and families are shouldering a greater portion of the cost of college through loans than they ever have before. Read more...

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Generation Gaps - Changing public opinion on the liberal arts

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/default/files/UB-logo_4_0_0.pngBy Richard Ekman. It’s become fashionable to prize innovation in higher education, not only because university research produces new knowledge that enriches our lives and changes our understanding of the world, but also because new campus programs are themselves markers of institutional vitality. It is less fashionable to celebrate colleges and universities as custodians of the world’s cumulative knowledge and conveyors of it to the next generation. Nonetheless, Isaac Newton’s idea that we stand “on the shoulders of giants” remains a valid description of higher education. Read more...

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15 Ways to Enhance the Online Giving Experience

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/default/files/UB-logo_4_0_0.pngBy Melissa Ezarik. Bringing a shopping cart experience to online donors so they can give to multiple areas but only check out once is a big step for institutional advancement offices to make. Yet, as involved a project as that is, there are always enhancements that can be made to the shopping cart itself and to other areas of the giving website. Here are 15 ideas and actions worth modeling:
1. Choose your words carefully.

When describing specific funds to entice donors within a site with a shopping cart, using the right tone is key. "[The donor is] not really buying a product and you don’t want to cheapen the perception of that donation," says Rae Goldsmith, vice president of advancement resources at the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. One site she has seen "talks about the investment—that’s the tone to take." Read more...

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World Education University: MOOC on Demand

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/default/files/UB-logo_4_0_0.pngBy Honah Liles. Is it time for MOOC 2.0? Those behind World Education University (WEU) think so. The free online university opened its virtual doors worldwide on February 1.
Scott Hines, WEU’s chief operating officer, doesn’t mind the comparison to MOOC providers such as Coursera, which he sees as great trail blazers. But he sees WEU as the next step in the evolutionary process of online learning.
“We really take that concept of a cohort-based MOOC and create what we call an on-demand MOOC, which is a self-paced, supported, independent study model,” he says.
Because WEU implements an independent study model, students can enroll, start, and complete courses at any time. Students can also submit transcripts from other institutions, provided they are notarized and translated into english by a third party institution such as the Association of International Credit Evaluators. Read more...

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French studies losing ground in university

http://beta.images.theglobeandmail.com/media/www/images/flag/gam-masthead.pngBy Caroline Alphonso. After an 18-year run, the University of Regina is shuttering its francophone studies program. The number of graduates: Zero.
Parents may be clamouring to enroll their children in French studies in the early years, but interest appears to wane among university-age students. Post-secondary institutions in many parts of the country have seen a drop off in applicants, and are either shutting down, scaling back or pausing their French programs.
Thomas Chase, the University of Regina’s provost and vice-president academic, said only one student is currently enrolled in the university’s undergraduate French program; three were registered four years ago. Read more...

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Amherst faculty tells edX: drop dead

http://www.historiann.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/girlstickingouttongue-300x214.jpgI love the Amherst faculty’s commitment to educational rather than “edupreneurial” (or edupredatory) values. To be sure, there was the huge issue of institutional mission versus the mission–so far as anyone can figure it out–of these unproven for-profit ventures we call MOOCs:
Some Amherst faculty concerns about edX were specific to Amherst. For instance, faculty asked, are MOOCs, which enroll tens of thousands of students, compatible with Amherst’s mission to provide education in a “purposefully small residential community” and “through close colloquy?”
Then there was the issue of the ill-thought out vision of edX itself, as well as the sheer incompetence on display in edX’s sales approach, compared to the thought that the Amherst faculty had invested. Read more...

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What I Hope To Learn By Teaching a MOOC on "History and Future of Higher Ed"

http://hastac.org/files/imagecache/homepage_50/pictures/picture-79-873560aec16bee4b69793f2fa0fbd715.jpgBy Cathy Davidson. If I had a magic wand and could reverse the neoliberal funding trends depriving public state universities of support, of course I would. 
If I had a magic wand and could make private universities affordable by the best students, not just the richest, of course I would.
If I had a magic wand and could raise the percentage of students worldwide who have access to higher education, of course I would.  To put that wish into perspective, you need to know that, right now, less than 2% of those already pre-selected by excellent test scores in high school to take the college entrance exams are able to attend the technical universities of South Asia.  There are similar depressing statistics for many other countries around the world . . .
If I had a magic wand, I would make community college education available to the 450,000+ students currently waitlisted for such colleges in the state of California.
I do not have a magic wand.  We are facing an education shortfall of epic proportions. Read more...

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U. of Indianapolis Will Close Campus in Greece

HomeThe University of Indianapolis is shutting down its campus in Greece. "[E]conomic conditions in Greece have made it very difficult to continue [operations] according to the high standards of the university and the expectations of our accrediting agency," said a statement from the university. The university will continue an M.B.A. program it operates in Greece for students from Saudi Arabia, and plans to "use that financially viable program as a model for developing new programs on a contract basis," the statement added. Read more...

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