helping emphasise the importance of a “better life” as a key component of societal progress, the OECD has made considerable efforts in recent years to help promote a school of thought that places people’s well-being at the heart of economic growth. After examining the issue of growth and productivity gains, and recognising the question of the environmental cost of our economic activity, the time has come to turn our attention to another area that is equally crucial: fostering a more human economy.
The current crisis has revealed the limitations of our economic model. Decades of rationalisation and efforts to improve processes, methods, structures and expertise have depleted the potential to boost productivity and exert an increasing amount of pressure on women and men. This pressure compromises the hope of finding personal fulfilment at work. What’s more, consumption never seems to provide satisfaction, regardless of income level. Our modern economies, as many economists point out, have not managed to combine growth and happiness.
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