Improving Vocational Education Training: Call for Book ChaptersImproving Vocational Education Training: Call for Book Chapters
EFQUEL invites contributions to a book about improving the quality of Vocational Educational Training (VET).
The call for chapters, which will examine the tools, frameworks and current practices necessary to enhance VET, is supported by the Teacher Quality Management project. As the book will address two different topics, participants are asked to tailor their submissions to the following categories:
Part I: Quality Indicators in Vocational Educational Training – Methodologies and Examples of use
Part II: Quality in Vocational Educational Training – ICT for Evaluation and Self Evaluation
Before composing a full book chapter authors need to submit a chapter outline. This way, potential duplications are avoided and even co-writing of related topics might be a result. Then, once the chapter outline has been accepted, authors will be invited to send in full, stand-alone chapters. These can be short reflections from practice (3-8 pages) or longer contributions meeting scientific standards of up to 20 pages in length. 
Publication is foreseen for August/September 2013 and will be presented at the EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2013 (26-27 September 2013). The publication will receive an ISBN and an open license. 
Key Dates for Authors
Submission of chapter outlines due: 15 April 2013
Notification of acceptance: 22 April 2013
Full chapter due: 19 May 2013
End of open discussion (your chapter can be accessed publically already): 1 July 2013
Blind review EFQUEL closed: 15 July 2013
Review – Procedure and Review Board
Submitted book chapters will undergo an open review by the scientific community and as well as a blind review by dedicated referees. These are members of the EFQUEL Network of Quality Professionals.