IAU is seeking partner institutions/organisations within its Membership to organise one of the four IAU Collaborative Workshops: A three-step activity to envisage Higher Education for Education for All locally. Workshops will be held in 2013 or 2014.
Since 2005, IAU has been advocating for and advancing the idea for the need of greater inclusion of higher education in the United Nations Education for All (EFA) initiative, both at the global and local levels. In view of this objective, the Workshop brings together high-level representatives from the higher education and research community, the Ministry of Education and other levels/sectors of education, civil society and UNESCO. Challenged to think out of box, participants reflect on their own experience, analyse the local context, and collectively development a concrete plan for a way forward to ensure greater higher education input in achieving EFA. This Workshop is part of the more comprehensive IAU Project on higher education for EFA (HEEFA).
Interested Member institutions/organisations must be located in a non-OECD country. Working language is English or French. Interested parties are invited to read the Partnership Protocol on responsibilities and working modalities and to return a completed application form.
To learn more about IAU's work in HEEFA, visit the IAU HEEFA website and read about previous Workshops.
Deadline for applications: 30 April
Contact: Nadja Kymlicka or Isabelle Turmaine.