10 avril 2013

What is the Future of Digital Resources for Learning & Teaching?

What is the Future of Digital Resources for Learning & Teaching?Essen, April 2013 - To discuss this matter, the University of Duisburg-Essen invites educators and researchers to a European conference on May 16 and 17, 2013. Some main points of dialogue will include defining quality in learning and innovations in learning resources.
Recently Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have shaken up the blogosphere and media reports on higher education. These courses make use of open digital resources for learning and have attracted hundreds of thousands of online learners at no cost. A digital resource for learning can be a written text, pictures, slides, videos, a 3-D simulation or a website combining all of them into ready-made curricula including tools for (self-)assessment for educators or learners. More and more digital resources with open licenses facilitate educators and learners in editing, improving, and adapting to different learning situations inside or outside of the classroom and in turn share their own work with the online community. These open digital resources provide the foundation for a borderless exchange of teaching and learning methods in many different fields. But a potential conflict exists between open learning resources and the quality of those resources. Restrictions on the certification of the creators of such content or the access to learning materials through paywalls have to some degree defended the quality of those resources in the past. How can creators ensure that their digital resources meet an appropriate level of quality and how can users be certain that said resources are worth their time?

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I'll tell you a story

I'll tell you a storyThe world largest collection of fairy tales, a really passionate project which involves a lot of creative people! A teaching resource for learning English and as a parenting bedtime-resource.
The project stems from the deep conviction that fairy tales are an important element for the growth and the education of the person, from an early age.

Fairy tales are great educational tools for teachers and parents that’s why we have collected more than 1,000 stories in "I’ll tell you a story". We have achieved unimaginable results for non-commercial project demonstrating how cultural projects are sustainable when … the passion (and technology!) are in the air!
The fairy tales are vehicles of reality (Italo Calvino), they help us to narrate the story of our lives. The greatest classics are incentives for everyone to create and tell their inner and outer worlds!
On this basis, we have promoted "I'll tell you a story" as a teaching resource for learning English and as a parenting bedtime-resource with great success: more than 50,000 downloads for official Android and iOS applications in less than a month after release and we are ranked in the top 100 in 55 different countries (source: AppAnnie)!
I'll tell you a story.

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Décentralisation: des améliorations à apporter

congrès ARF octobre 2012Les Régions prennent acte du calendrier choisi par le Gouvernement pour l’examen des trois projets de loi de décentralisation. Elles estiment cependant que des améliorations doivent y être apportées.
- la France a besoin de Régions fortes en capacité de porter l’emploi, le développement économique, l’innovation, d’accompagner la croissance des entreprises et la réindustrialisation des territoires.  Ce sont actuellement  les premières préoccupations des Français. La loi doit mieux conforter les Régions en la matière en leur transférant le pilotage plein et entier de ces politiques publiques;
- pour les Régions, garantes de l’équité territoriale, la métropole doit être confortée comme un espace urbain de développement. Mais cela ne doit pas conduire à un émiettement des compétences sur les territoires ni à une concurrence entre territoires de proximité;
- les Français ont besoin de clarté et de savoir qui fait quoi, seule garantie du renforcement de la démocratie locale et de l’efficacité de l’action publique;
- les Régions sont attachées au dialogue et à la co-construction entre les collectivités sur chacun des territoires. Mais elles considèrent  que les conférences territoriales de l’action publique sont une nouvelle strate qui risque de complexifier l’organisation administrative et d’accroitre les tensions locales entre collectivités, au moment où il y a, plus que jamais, besoin de cohérence et de lisibilité de l’action publique. Pour les Régions, il suffirait de renforcer un outil de concertation qui existe déjà, les conférences régionales des exécutifs, et de mieux y intégrer les représentants des zones rurales.
Comme elles l’ont démontré en septembre dernier en signant à l’Elysée un Pacte pour la croissance et l’emploi, les Régions sont disposées à accompagner l’Exécutif dans son action en faveur du redressement économique du pays.
congrès ARF octobre 2012 Réigiún a chur faoi deara an sceideal roghnaithe ag an Rialtas le breithniú trí billí díláraithe. Creideann siad, áfach, gur chóir go mbeadh feabhsúcháin a dhéanamh. Ní mór an Fhrainc láidir réigiúin cumas a thabhairt poist, forbairt eacnamaíochta, nuálaíocht, fás gnó tacaíochta agus na críocha reindustrialisation. Níos mó...

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Donations to UK universities from alumni reach record levels

The Guardian homeBy Richard Adams. British universities and colleges accrued total donations worth £774m in 2011-12, a 14% increase on the previous year. British universities are imitating their American counterparts in persuading former students to open their wallets as the number of alumni making donations to higher education institutions rose to record levels last year. Despite the grim economic background and the ending of a government-backed matching funds scheme, universities and colleges accrued total donations worth £774m in 2011-12 according to a national survey of higher education fundraising. This is a 14% increase on the previous year's total of £676m and nearly £200m more than the total raised in 2009-10. Read more...

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Does going to university make you feel inadequate?

Blogging studentsBy . Higher education is supposed to give you skills and confidence. But lots of students end up feeling just plain anxious. Does the education system foster insecurity?
Ivan Illich, an Austrian philosopher, said schools create inferiority. When I first read this, I thought, how hypocritical of Illich to criticise institutionalised education when he himself studied at universities in Rome and Salzburg.
However, I'm now a final-year undergraduate, and experience and further reading have made me sympathetic towards Illich, particularly in relation to higher education.
Universities are often portrayed as institutions for social mobility – gateways to social status, cultural sophistication and professional jobs. Read more...

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University tuition fee rise puts off poorer boys, study finds

The Guardian homeBy Jessica Shepherd. Proportion of working-class boys who took places fell by 1.4% between 2010 and 2012, but fee hike had opposite effect on their female peers.The near-trebling of university tuition fees has deterred working-class boys from studying for degrees, but had the opposite effect on working-class girls, an analysis has found. The Independent Commission on Fees – a panel of high-profile figures from business, academia, journalism and the charity sector – looked at the socio-economic backgrounds of hundreds of thousands of 18- and 19-year-olds who took up university places last September, then compared them with those who began in September 2010. Read more...

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New Guidelines Call for Broad Changes in Science Education

New York TimesBy Justin Gillis. Educators unveiled new guidelines on Tuesday that call for sweeping changes in the way science is taught in the United States — including, for the first time, a recommendation that climate change be taught as early as middle school. The guidelines also take a firm stand that children must learn about evolution, the central organizing idea in the biological sciences for more than a century, but one that still provokes a backlash among some religious conservatives. The guidelines, known as the Next Generation Science Standards, are the first broad national recommendations for science instruction since 1996. Read more...

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Student Loan Rate Set to Rise, Despite Lack of Support

New York TimesBy Tamar Lewin. The interest rate on many student loans is scheduled to double on July 1, to 6.8 percent from 3.4 percent — just as it was last year, when in the midst of an election campaign, Congress voted to extend the lower rate. Again this year, no one wants the increase to happen, especially since even the current rate is well above market. But once again, there is likely to be a good deal of brinkmanship before the issue is settled. This time around, though, longer-term solutions may be on the horizon.
On Tuesday, the day before the White House plans to send its budget to Congress, student advocacy groups are releasing an issue brief charging that the federal government should not be profiting from student loans, while more and more students bear a crushing debt burden. The brief, citing a February report from the Congressional Budget Office, said the federal government makes 36 cents in profit on every student-loan dollar it puts out, and estimates that over all, student loans will bring in $34 billion next year. Read more...

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Scramble for Africa

Times Higher EducationThe continent’s burgeoning economies could prove a major source of future student recruitment, says Marguerite Dennis. Consider the following: there are about a billion people in Africa, and the continent has 20 per cent of the world’s land and 15 per cent of the world’s population. Around 70 per cent of the population own a mobile phone.
Africa had six of the world’s fastest-growing economies between 2001 and 2010. Direct foreign investment in Africa has increased by 50 per cent since 2005. From 2003 to 2011, Chinese annual investment in Africa increased from $100 million (£66 million) to $12 billion. The Chinese government has funded 40,000 private sector jobs, 20,000 scholarships and 29 Confucius Institutes in 22 African countries. Read more...

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L’enquête Besoins en main-d’oeuvre 2013 (BMO)

Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes)Rendue publique par Pôle emploi le 9 avril 2013, l’enquête sur les Besoins en main-d’oeuvre (BMO) 2013 fait état de 1 613 100 projets de recrutement dans les 388 bassins d’emploi français, soit une augmentation de 0,3% par rapport à 2012.
La part des employeurs envisageant de réaliser au moins une embauche au cours de l’année 2013 atteint 18%. Ce qui correspond à 421 900 recruteurs potentiels. Seulement 14,9% des établissements de moins de 10 salariés envisagent de recruter, alors qu’ils sont plus de la moitié dans les structures de 100 salariés ou plus.
La moitié des postes envisagés sont des emplois durables (CDI ou CDD de six mois ou plus).
Figurent parmi les profils les plus demandés, plusieurs métiers de services aux particuliers comme les animateurs socioculturels, les aides à domicile ou les aides ménagères, les serveurs de café et de restaurants, les employés de l’hôtellerie. Les services aux entreprises offrent également de nombreuses opportunités soit sur des postes opérationnels et peu qualifiés (agents d’entretien de locaux, manutentionnaires), soit sur des postes de cadres (ingénieurs, cadres d’études et R&D en informatique). En savoir plus sur les résultats du BMO en Poitou-Charentes. Tous les résultats: http://bmo.pole-emploi.org/. Suite de l'article...
Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes) Foilsithe ag cuaille emploi 9 Aibreán, 2013, thuairiscigh na riachtanais daonchumhachta suirbhé (BMO) sa bhliain 2013 1,613,100 tionscadal earcaíochta i 388 limistéir fostaíochta na Fraince, méadú de 0, 3% i gcomparáid le 2012. Níos mó...

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