I'll tell you a storyThe world largest collection of fairy tales, a really passionate project which involves a lot of creative people! A teaching resource for learning English and as a parenting bedtime-resource.
The project stems from the deep conviction that fairy tales are an important element for the growth and the education of the person, from an early age.

Fairy tales are great educational tools for teachers and parents that’s why we have collected more than 1,000 stories in "I’ll tell you a story". We have achieved unimaginable results for non-commercial project demonstrating how cultural projects are sustainable when … the passion (and technology!) are in the air!
The fairy tales are vehicles of reality (Italo Calvino), they help us to narrate the story of our lives. The greatest classics are incentives for everyone to create and tell their inner and outer worlds!
On this basis, we have promoted "I'll tell you a story" as a teaching resource for learning English and as a parenting bedtime-resource with great success: more than 50,000 downloads for official Android and iOS applications in less than a month after release and we are ranked in the top 100 in 55 different countries (source: AppAnnie)!
I'll tell you a story.