officers, credential evaluators and other recognition experts from higher education institutions in the European Higher Education Area are invited to take part in a survey to give feedback on the draft of a new “recognition” manual, due to be published at the end of 2013. The consultation is part of the EAR HEI Project (European Area of Recognition - a Manual for Higher Education Institutions), which is developing the manual.
The aim of the survey is to collect feedback on a sample of chapters from the draft manual. This feedback will be used to write the final version, ensuring that it becomes a useful tool in the daily work of admissions officers. The EAR HEI project is being undertaken by a consortium consisting of recognition experts from the ENIC-NARIC networks, together with representatives of the European University Association, the Tuning network, the European Student Union, the German Rectors’ Conference and the President of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee.
The survey will be open until 19 April 2013. To access the survey, click here.