25 mars 2013

Graduation in a foreign land

By Marissa Mabalot-Bomogao. OUR world seems to be changing at a rate that is too fast for the average person to keep up with. It’s a good interesting life that most foreigners had survived living in a foreign country like the Philippines. In Baguio city alone ,foreign students flock in the universities. With more intensive commitment to stay in a foreign land sacrificing more time, money and energy, it is worthwhile to know that most of these foreign students had overcome all challenges and struggles they experienced as the saying goes “Time and place is no barrier to learning.”
It’s a privilege to have attended the graduation celebration of the Baguio International Students Organization held March 16, 2013 at Hotel Supreme. It’s a learning experience getting to know other people’s culture, belief and practices. The event was organized by Nabil Saeed one of the graduating students who hails from Sudan. Baguio International Students Organization comprises a group of foreign students from Ethiopia, Somalia Eritrea, Sudan, Palestine, Jerusalem, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan. Read more...

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Uganda registers new private university

By Conan Businge and Gloria Nakajubi. THE NATIONAL Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has accredited Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) as the 30th private university in the country.
This implies that the country now prides in having 30 private universities, on top of the five public ones; Makerere, Kyambogo, Gulu, Busitema and Mbarara.
The new university will contribute in taking on a number of students who will not easily be accommodated by the overstretched institutions of higher learning. The universities in the country, can only accommodate half of the students who finish Senior Six every other year, due to inadequate infrastructure  and human resource.
The NCHE has last accredited new private universities in the country in 2011. The newest universities, which came on board in 2011, included African Rural University, Islamic Call University College, Livingstone International University, St. Augustine International University and Virtual University of Uganda. Read more...

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Russian education minister orders all rectors to declare earnings

Russia’s education minister has announced that all heads of federal tertiary educational establishments must submit declarations of their income and publish them on their institutions’ websites.
“Rectors and all heads of federally-sponsored institutions will have to declare their incomes, similar to civil servants,” Dmitry Livanov announced in an interview aired by Echo of Moscow radio. The minister added that the declaration must be submitted by April 1 and published on the institutions’ websites by the end of the year.
However, an official release by the Education Ministry stated that the deadline for submitting the declaration was April 30. The release also reads that the order concerns all heads of federally-funded educational establishments, not only rectors of institutes and universities.
In one of his program articles published before the latest poll, President Vladimir Putin suggested making the income declaration a must for all heads of educational, research and medical institutions financed from the federal budget. Read more...

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Palestinian Platform Helps Arab Students Find International Scholarships

http://www.wamda.com/application/rapyd/assets/mfm_012/upload/Min7aPic.jpegBy Maya Rahal. Improving education is the goal of every government in the Arab world today. Yet rather than wait for governments and political situations to change, two Palestinian entrepreneurs from Nablus are taking education into their own hands with Scholarshiper, an online platform that helps connect Arab students to international scholarships. In 2009, Jafar Hajeer and Ibrahim Dweikat realized that Arab youth, especially in Palestine, were missing on many opportunities to study abroad, simply because information about potential scholarships and programs was not readily available in Arabic. Read more...

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Foreign tertiary institutions to come under scrutiny

New Era (Windhoek)WINDHOEK - The Ministry of Education is investigating the credibility of some tertiary institutions in China, India, the Ukraine, Russia and Botswana following the huge interest shown by many Namibian students to pursue university studies in those countries.
Last year the Ministry of Education (MoE) approved student loans and grants amounting to N$512 million and will spend N$600 million this year on student loans and grants.
The aim of the planned investigation is to validate the credibility of several foreign universities, some of which admit students with points as low as 10 to study medicine, engineering and other courses that normally require high marks. Read more...

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Southern Africa: State of SADC Higher Education 'not Encouraging'

New Era (Windhoek)By Irene Ihoaës. Higher education institutions in Southern Africa are described as elititist, because overall higher education provision in the region is low by world standards.
According to studies done by the Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA), while there has been rapid growth in student enrolments, country systems remain small, resulting in competition for places being high.
"Demand for higher education has outstripped capacity and this has, in some cases, led to overcrowding and concerns about the quality of offerings," SARUA said in a presentation made to the Extraordinary Meeting of SADC Ministers of Higher Education and Training. Read more...

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HEC to make higher education accessible in remote areas

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has paid special attention towards increasing access to higher education in remote areas of the country.
Within the last few years, out of a total of 55 new university campuses, 31 have been established in rural areas throughout Pakistan, an official of HEC said in a statement here on Sunday.
In Sindh, 179 development projects amounting to Rs 27.142 billion have been approved so far.
Per agreed share of Sindh in National Finance Commission (NFC) Award, Rs 9.7 billion out of a total amount of Rs 43.9 billion, were released within the last five years, the statement pointed out.
On the request of the HEC, the federal quota policy had been applied over indigenous and foreign scholarship programmes that would enable and encourage the youth from Sindh province to avail scholarship opportunities exclusively available for them under faculty development programmes.
As many as 868 PhD scholarships have been allocated for the faculty members belonging to various higher education institutions of the province. Read more...

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Budget aims at retraining to meet demand in skilled trades

By Tobi Cohen. A year after trying to keep older workers in the workforce longer, the federal government signalled on Thursday that it will now focus on retraining unemployed workers to meet growing demand in the skilled trades.
Budget 2013 includes a new Canada Jobs Grant that will provide up to 130,000 Canadians a year with $15,000 to retrain — $5,000 of which will come from the federal government. Provinces and employers will be expected, at the very least, to match the contribution. Read more...

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Luring Young Web Warriors Is a Priority. It’s Also a Game

New York TimesBy Nicole Perlroth. In the eighth grade, Arlan Jaska figured out how to write a simple script that could switch his keyboard’s Caps Lock key on and off 6,000 times a minute. When friends weren’t looking, he slipped his program onto their computers. It was all fun and games until the program spread to his middle school.
“They called my parents and told my dad I was hacking their computers,” Mr. Jaska, 17 years old, recalled. He was grounded and got detention. And he is just the type the Department of Homeland Security is looking for. Read more...

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RUE 2013 > L’Amue et la CPU répondent présentes !

http://www.amue.fr/fileadmin/templates/images/img_css/bg_titre_page_presentation.pngA noter dans vos agendas, l’AEF organise la 6ème édition des Rencontres Universités Entreprises au palais des Congrès à Paris les mercredi 27 et jeudi 28 mars prochains. L’Amue et la CPU vous accueilleront sur un stand commun (D7) et proposeront de nombreuses animations liées à leurs différents travaux et actualités. Découvrez le programme détaillé de ces deux journées.
Comme en 2012, l’Amue et la CPU font de leur espace commun un lieu d’échanges, de dialogues, et de partages avec les établissements, les réseaux professionnels universitaires, les entreprises et les visiteurs du salon. Dans ce cadre, plusieurs actions seront organisées tout au long de ces journées.
Participer/Echanger/Rencontrer > Retrouvez nous sur le stand D7

Des ateliers dédiés aux enjeux du numérique pour l'enseignement supérieur, mais aussi pour la recherche, seront organisés durant les deux journées. Claude Ronceray, directeur de l'Amue, interviendra lors de l’atelier "La mutualisation, un impératif vital à l'ère du numérique" qui se tiendra le mercredi 27 mars de 16h45 à 17h30.
Nos journées seront ponctuées:
::: d’ateliers d’experts, où seront présentés les points d’étapes des grands projets menés par les universités et l’Amue,
::: de moments d’échanges où les réseaux professionnels universitaires profitent de l’espace ouvert pour organiser des rencontres, des animations et accueillir leurs contacts,
::: de la signature d'une convention avec l'AFEV,
::: de temps d’échanges sur l’offre système d'information et l'offre de formation de l'Amue.
Au programme de ces deux journées
Durant les deux journées, les visiteurs du salon sont invités à venir tester la solution Siham, le SI ressources humaines développé par l'Amue, en direct sur le stand.
Mercredi 27 mars 2013
8h45-9h30. Espace ouvert aux réseaux professionnels universitaires:
petit-déjeuner des chargés de com’ des établissements d'enseignement supérieur.
9h30-10h00. Amue. La coopération par le jeu!
Venez jouer avec nous pour découvrir comment fédérer vos équipes-projet d'une manière ludique.  Les cartes mentales! à explorer pour faciliter votre quotidien.
10h00-11h00. Amue. L’offre Amue > urbanisée et complète. Pour obtenir des informations sur l'ensemble des prestations proposées par l'Amue, notamment en matière de système d'information.
11h00-12h30. Espace ouvert aux réseaux professionnels universitaires:
apéritif avec l'association des DSI des PRES et universités, moment privilégié de rencontres et de prises de contacts entre acteurs des systèmes d'information.
14h00-15h00. Amue. Découvrez la solution Sifac WEB,
application logicielle pour faciliter la gestion financière et comptable. Visualisez en vidéos les moments forts de l’application et dialoguez avec l’équipe.
15h00-15h45. Espace ouvert aux réseaux professionnels universitaires:
Jurisup vous invite à échanger sur le thème "Entreprises: vers un statut du stagiaire".
15h45-16h00. CPU. Signature par la CPU du manifeste pour le CV citoyen
en présence de la fédération Syntec études et conseil et de l ‘AFEV.
Jeudi 28 mars 2013
8h45 – 10h00. Espace ouvert aux réseaux professionnels universitaires:
petit-déjeuner avec l'association des directeurs généraux des services: la CPU et l’Amue invitent les DGS des établissements d'enseignement supérieur pour des échanges autour de questions et thématiques-clés liées à leurs missions.
10h00-10h30. Amue. Conduire le changement: tout un art! De l'importance d'anticiper et de mettre en place une conduite du changement adaptée, notamment dans les projets de système d’information.
11h00-12h00. Amue. Découvrez les deux dernières solutions dans la gamme Sifac:
Sifac démat, solution de dématérialisation des factures et Sifac WEB pour faciliter la gestion financière et comptable.
14h00-15h00. Amue. Espace ouvert aux réseaux professionnels universitaires: le réseau PARFAIRE,
rencontre avec les responsables formation des établissements d'enseignement supérieur et présentation de l'offre de formation continue de l'Amue.

http://www.amue.fr/fileadmin/templates/images/img_css/bg_titre_page_presentation.png A note in your diaries, the AEF is organizing the 6th edition of the Rencontres Universities Companies Palais des Congrès in Paris on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 March. The CPU Amue and welcome you on booth (D7) and offer many different activities related to their work and news. More...

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