Across-the-board support required for VAE proceduresBy N. Beaupère, G. Podevin. Across-the-board support required for VAE procedures, Training and Employment, n°102, 2013, 4 p.
VAE procedures are frequently perceived to be protracted,but their length is not the only reason why withdrawals areso frequent. Evaluation of an aims and means contract (AMC) for VAE in Brittany highlights the importance of across-theboardsupport, from initial guidance to the post-assessment period. It also emphasises the need for economic actors to beinvolved if VAE procedures are to succeed.
Assessments of the system for validation of experiential learning (VAE) have remained more or less unchanged for the past 10 years. They have reaffirmed the vital role it plays in placing individual careers on a more secure footing. They note that VAE has gradually developed ‘from a quasi-experimental system, championed by militants, into a procedure familiar to many’ (Merle Report, 2008). However, they also point to the persistent limitations of the system, including the large number of individuals withdrawing their applications in the course of the procedure.
Since the certification bodies use a range of different statistical information systems, it is seldom possible to observe an application procedure over its entire duration. However, some evaluations (Besson Report 2008) estimate that one third of individuals who submit an admissibility application obtain complete validation. The remaining two thirds – whose individual situations are not identified – either withdraw their applications or obtain partial validation. Between 2002 and 2010, 200,000 individuals in France obtained a qualification by having their experience recognised (DARES, 2012). In view of the withdrawals that take place in the course of the procedure, the number of those appearing before an assessment panel could be greater.
The VAE procedure is divided into a number of different stages and can appear lengthy and complex. It is sometimes compared to an assault course and requires applicants to surmount a number of major obstacles, both procedural and cognitive. On average across the country, approximately two years elapse between receipt of the initial information and appearance before an assessment panel. This lengthy process is often identified as a factor in withdrawal.
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