European Association for Education of AdultsBy Ricarda Motschilnig. "Know Your Lifestyle" project brings sustainable consumption closer to young adults
The aim of "Know Your Lifestyle - Introducing Sustainable Consumption in 2nd-chance education" project is to offer young people the opportunity to look critically at their own consumption and to develop alternative courses of action.
The three-year-project targets young, often underprivileged, adults in second change education. In January the project partners discussed at the kick of meeting in Bonn the development of training modules in the framework of "Global Learning", which are tailored to the target group. Making learners aware of the challenges of and opportunities in globalisation is one aspect of "Global Learning".
Local consumption has a global impact

The aim of the modules is to make learners acknowledge the link between local personal consumption and the resulting global impact. This is done through introducing them to topics drawn from life, such as the value chain of textile products or computers and mobile phones. These modules will be made available for second-chance-training progammes Europe-wide.
In addition to the development of teaching materials and curriculums in cooperation with non-governmental organisations, there will be a number of teacher training opportunities.
The project is coordinated by EAEA´s German member, dvv-international. Project partners include EAEA, Estonian Adult Education Association, Slovenian Institute for Adult Education and Carinthian Folk High Schools.